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  1. As personal opinion goes, if it wasn't for gaming I would run a 64bit linux OS. I have no mac experience so I can't comment. Windows as mentioned has such a huge user base that developers support it and make user intraction so simple ie installing programs etc. Now with the geek street cred linux has gotten has spread to the mainstream I guess it will only continue to SLOWLY spread.

  2. But homosexuality doesn't hurt people, like the things your comparing it to (because yes, wanting to fuck somone of the same gender is in the same ball park as murder or child abuse...). I just don't get why you can't see past your own hang-ups here.

    Sigh, I'm not saying gay sex is is bad as murder etc. If you read it i am just pointing out that some people are naturally compelled to do what is an un-natural act. And if if I don't agree with something does that mean I have hang ups. Nobody agrees with everything all the time. Everyone has hang ups of some kind. For christs sake, the thread is called your view's on gays, not "tell us what you think of gay people but be warned your opinion better be in favour or we'll give you shit."

    I will not bow to preassure and change my opinions because some of you don't agree, and I''m not asking anyone else to change theirs. There is too much "getting on the high horse" and looking down at people in this thread. For god's sake let people express their opinion freely.

  3. Just because something occurs does not make it natural. A chemical imbalance in naturally occuring, yet can provoke un-natural behaviour. Not once in my post did I dictate to anyone that my beleifs were the be all and end all.

    I too can point to arguements. There are people who are naturaly compelled to murder, steal, molest children and fornicate with animals. Do we accept that as an exscuse? I accept that there are people who classify themselves as gay. I don't agree with it in principal and that is fine. There would no doubt be plenty of great people who are gay, it doesn't mean I have to agree with their lifestyle choice, just as people dislike smokers etc.

    I tried to post in a way that gave my opinion without upsetting anyone and it kind of irks me when I hae to be on the defensive and justify my opinion to the nth degree when it's social minorities that claim persecution and discrimination.

    If you want to be gay, be gay. Your chocie.

    I don't agree with it. My choice.

    I think i have been pretty civil regarding the matter. If I haven't, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome.

  4. I just went and bought the D2 boxed set with lod. Luckily i installed it that day because the next day i rolled over the d2 play disk in my computer chair. :(

  5. I enjoyed Season 1 the most so far but i still look foward to the new episode every month. If you like the nitty griity check out sploitcast although their releases seem a less frequenst and www.bsodtv.org is great too.

  6. Personally, I have never agreed with homosexuality. I've given up on the debate on whether it's hardwired or simply a lifestyle choice because as far as I am aware nobody knows for certain and it's probably a bit of both. I am certainly not a follower of religion so I won't be spouting out Christian rheteoric. I personally don't wish to see gay couples kissing etc in public and I certainly don't beleive they should be able to adopt children as there are plenty of people who physically are unable to conceive naturally or can't afford IVF treatment. I know I will get flamed to the nth degree but this is merely my opinion. I am sure many gay people are great to know, I just find it uncomfortable to be around them. I have 3 children too and don't particularly want them to see two grown men kissing in public as they are only learning the natural way the human species behave.

    Gay marriage is something I don't have a real opinion on. By not agreeing with homosexuality I guess by default I am against gay marriage aswell. I am only against the act of homosexuality, not the people who who engage in it.

    I hope you guys see what I am trying to say.

  7. How about the option of doing the fucking work and getting good marks goddamn noob. I haven't posted on here for like 6 months but after reading yet another post like this OP I couldnt help it.

    Grow the fuck up!

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