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  1. Some mate of mine are going to start an Aussie podcast for WoW and other tech stuff. Should be prettty cool. Start following them on twitter and let us know what your wanting to hear about. I'm not a WoW player but will be covering other tech stuff we enjoy.


    all support is greatly appreciated. Mention this post in first tweet so we can see where you are all coming from!

    All Wow players and general nerd welcome. We want good community involvement from the start!

  2. He's just showing how easy it is to get someone to click on a link in an email. For all you know the linked website could be installing zero day exploits into internet exploder.

    Who the hell uses IE anyway?

    Damn I hope this conficker doesn't ravage my *NIX lol.

  3. Lol nah sorry dude that's my ipod. I'm not sure what to do with iphones, but if you listen to the linux outlaws podcast, fab (one of rhte presenters) has an iphone and uses Linux exclusively.

    Hit him up on the forums, he's a top bloke.


  4. People bag Microsoft (myself included) but imo Apple is alot worse. They just maintain support through innovation(Ipods, even i like them) and more importantly the trendiness factor with beatnik wannabes. I feel as copyright etcis concerned they are the worst of the lot, and that Steve Jobs cancer is a direct result of Karma.

  5. I know that they can never create the raw 1.0 feel of season 1, the actual type content still be used and I feel they have shosen some great segments these last few weeks. I just want to show them some appreciation from somebody who has watched since 1x03 and watched it evolve with its ups and downs.

  6. Rather than post in every episodes thread, I just want to say it's been great to see the increase in techy content and the use of Linux. I found Matts segements on VM's great ( My wife and I work on a IT help desk that supports 10 ,000 end users so virtual machines play a heavy part in our corporations environment.)

    Darrens pretty much exclusive Linux use AND using it in conjunction with the windows OS (Netcat etc) has been great to see and these segs could easily have slotted in with alot of the material from season 1.

    Basically, I had given up alot of hope for a long time and whilst still watch every ep I just missed that season one feeling. Now I feel it's coming back and I am immensley happy about it.

    Good work guys, made me glad I stuck it out.

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