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  1. rofl. I didn't copy yours, I swear, I just noted the problem and threw that together. I don't use IE, so no idea other than it *should* work.
  2. function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { if ( shExpMatch(url, "*pandora.com*") ) { return "PROXY"; } else { return "DIRECT"; } } Name it proxy.pac or something similar (.pac), and point your browser (FF & derived browsers, songbird, etc) or internet connection settings (windows... for IE, chrome) at it. Might not be the best way to do it, but seems to work for me, and I haven't seen any posts regarding this. Removes the need to use a specific browser, and cuts down on general annoyance with the proxy.
  3. Hey, I didn't find any mention of it while wading through this thread, but is there any way to make SProxy start up minimized?
  4. This makes me think that MP3 encoding with turbo mode should be handled differently then? Perhaps build a queue and stop to encode it after a period of time? Or change the way turbo mode is implemented to play the song until encoding is complete? I haven't found a way to convert large numbers of AAC files to MP3 and preserve tag information... Btw, it works fine on Win7!
  5. Is turbo download mode being disabled when MP3 encoding is enabled a desired behavior?
  6. Oh, I see. Sorry, this installer includes Pandora's Jar also, got confused there. And yea, I just started noticing the memleaks on openpandora - considering I am planning on running this 24\7 on a 128mb ram tablet that I am setting up as a 'radio', that wont work at all, giving up on that.
  7. Er, wow. I seem to have stumbled on a way to grab tracks as fast as pandora will serve them up. I've ripped 10 tracks so far with openpandora still sitting on the 'loading station' screen, in about 2 minutes... Let me test this out a bit more. ----------------------------------------- Yea, for some reason, after configuring IE to run through fiddler as a proxy, pandora wont actually play anything, but PandoraSaver will grab tracks as fast as it can... running on an EVDO connection so this is still pretty slow, but I imagine on a real connection it would be much faster. Now all I nee
  8. That makes sense. I'm going to take a crack at getting this to work with OpenPandora, without opening it up to all connections. Can you tell me what the PandoraSaver executable does, is it just a launcher for firefox portable and the fiddler app, or does it do any configuration of either? OpenPandora has a proxy configuration field, however, using seems to pass the requests through fiddler, but pandorasaver doesn't notice them (they show up in fiddler's window, but not in pandorasaver's log)
  9. Alright, cool. Once again, this is fantastic work by all involved, very impressed.
  10. *edit* Lets have a more coherent post from me, heh. Mad props to everyone involved with this, and the author of this installer. Works beautifully, none of the bugs or hassles I had with pandora's jar, and it tags album and album art properly. Wonderful. That being said, I have a few comments\suggestions. I'd love to see a way to minimize everything to the tray, with a minimum of icons. Right now the fewest you can have in the tray for this is 2... one for firefox (http://myminimizetotray.googlepages.com/) and one for fiddler. But the PandoraSaver icon adds nice functionality. Since
  11. I'd like to thank the creator here for this wonderful application, however, I can't seem to get it to work reliably. It will grab two, sometimes three cached songs, and no new ones. Running vista 32bit, WWAN connection or WLAN, and I can get pandora's jar to work fine, but it doesn't tag albums or art, so . . . . am I missing something obvious here? *edit* this is really strange, It seems only a small number of songs are getting cached by pandora... including some that are not even played, but others which are played do not show up in any temporary directories? It seems if I switc
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