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  1. Hey I have the same issue, but only on some keyboards, Specifically I see the issue on a keyboard that presents the following: idVendor 0x17ef Lenovo idProduct 0x6099 iManufacturer 1 LiteOn iProduct 2 Lenovo Traditional USB Keyboard The keyboard works fine (as in you can type) with the keycroc in place, and, as you note if you 'cat /tmp/mode' the keycroc has found the correct vendor/product, but, the keycroc actually presents: idVendor 0xf000 idProduct 0xff01 RNDIS/EthernetGadget, Which is a dead giveaway! Forcing the correct VID/PID into 'config.txt' does not work (its ignored), however if you launch an "Attackmode" with a defined VID/PID it does work... I would perhaps speculate that the issue could be relating to the "Product" having spaces in it? Open to suggestions?
  2. (bugmenot account) I hacked this camera's telnet. Username: root Password: noty See also: https://www.domoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=17059&start=20#p161045
  3. I created the apk from both Bin4ry as well as Pathogenius. The first one did open but crashed, the last one did run. Seeing the latest modifications I'm assuming it's the latest version. Could it be a phone limitation?
  4. Thanks for all the progress, I've just installed the modded .apk and installed it on a HTC Desire 610. I was able to "login" with e-mail "a" and password "b". While flying with the DJI Spark I've managed to raise the altitude much higher than the max of 120 meters (EU). Unfortunately the video feed is very choppy, while the Spark itself seems to respond quite good. Seen some comments about the video feed, but not sure if it depends on the used phone, for example the Desire in my case. Are there any settings in the DJI App source to finetune this part?
  5. First off, thank you for putting in the work to get this ported over to the Tetra! Following some of the details on this thread I've been able to get mana up and running on my device through your starup script (mana-pineapple.sh). Upon connecting, my test wireless devices (Android tablet and phone) are able to acquire an 10.0.0.* IP address from the DHCP server and I can manually navigate to landing page I've created. In a nutshell I'm basically trying to replicate the "start-noupstream.sh" script from the original sensepost Git repo (https://github.com/sensepost/mana). My pineapple doesn't always have access to an Internet connection for passing requests through, so I have no need for sniffing or SSLstrip at the moment. Looking at /etc/mana-toolkit/dnsspoof.conf, all DNS requests are directed to but for some reason when I try and navigate to a page through my browser, I just hit a timeout. Not sure if this has anything to do with the Google DNS server being used for bridging the Internet connection. Any ideas?
  6. Hey. Do you even "sort -u Super-WPA > Super-SORT ; sort -u Custom-WPA > Custom-SORT"? After 4 hours of sorting the file Custom-WPA has only 1.2 GB and Super-WPA has 7GB
  7. Great addon! Really impressed with it! Could you add a few things? > Such as a "last seen" field in the summary page (and have it sortable?) > Be able to delete/remove clients from the summary page Edit: > Could you also remove the "template" example - a blackberry device?
  8. I'm very interested in this are there any changes since November 2009? anybody who solved this? would be really great :-)
  9. Help! I've tried almost everything! I just can't get it to boot! I've tried using an ac adapter that plugs into it and the battery pack that came with it. Still nothing, just that one light to the very right. If i'm lucky then the left light turns on but doesn't flash like it should or broadcast any signal.
  10. What is the current situation about this project now ? Apparently the API seems to be changed again.
  11. I can talk to the API with this data and get a stream key. However the request to stream.php always comes out as a 404. Any sugesstions why this might be? Edit: Actually I figured it out by now. Quite interesting that there are other people working on this :D
  12. Your password is blank (i mean no password, not the word blank)
  13. Try FileBot, it's even better. You have complete and utter control over the episode naming scheme. http://filebot.sourceforge.net The user interface is very efficient but not necessarily intuitive.
  14. bme2008

    Lanschool v7.2

    the link doesnt work for me either olliver.
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