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  1. First off, thank you for putting in the work to get this ported over to the Tetra! Following some of the details on this thread I've been able to get mana up and running on my device through your starup script (mana-pineapple.sh). Upon connecting, my test wireless devices (Android tablet and phone) are able to acquire an 10.0.0.* IP address from the DHCP server and I can manually navigate to landing page I've created. In a nutshell I'm basically trying to replicate the "start-noupstream.sh" script from the original sensepost Git repo (https://github.com/sensepost/mana). My pineapple do
  2. Hey. Do you even "sort -u Super-WPA > Super-SORT ; sort -u Custom-WPA > Custom-SORT"? After 4 hours of sorting the file Custom-WPA has only 1.2 GB and Super-WPA has 7GB
  3. Great addon! Really impressed with it! Could you add a few things? > Such as a "last seen" field in the summary page (and have it sortable?) > Be able to delete/remove clients from the summary page Edit: > Could you also remove the "template" example - a blackberry device?
  4. I'm very interested in this are there any changes since November 2009? anybody who solved this? would be really great :-)
  5. Help! I've tried almost everything! I just can't get it to boot! I've tried using an ac adapter that plugs into it and the battery pack that came with it. Still nothing, just that one light to the very right. If i'm lucky then the left light turns on but doesn't flash like it should or broadcast any signal.
  6. What is the current situation about this project now ? Apparently the API seems to be changed again.
  7. I can talk to the API with this data and get a stream key. However the request to stream.php always comes out as a 404. Any sugesstions why this might be? Edit: Actually I figured it out by now. Quite interesting that there are other people working on this :D
  8. Your password is blank (i mean no password, not the word blank)
  9. Try FileBot, it's even better. You have complete and utter control over the episode naming scheme. http://filebot.sourceforge.net The user interface is very efficient but not necessarily intuitive.
  10. bme2008

    Lanschool v7.2

    the link doesnt work for me either olliver.
  11. That doesnt answer my other questions.
  12. Oh, and on the Gonzor switchblade, it made my 8gb flash drive only hold 4. What happened?
  13. Oh, also , when I try to run u3 customizer, it says that theres 2 u3 drives, but theres only 1. Help.
  14. Well, I installed u3 on my u3 drive. So now theres the u3 launchpad and in my computer theres a CD drive AND the actual drive. But now what do I do with the files in PocketKnife_v0880\Leapos_Payload_v0880\Leapos_Payload_U3 theres "U3.ISO", "U3 ISO Source" (which is just that iso extracted), and then "Flash Partition". So what do I do with those files/folders?
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