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  1. try javabat.com it has good simple problems to work at, and then get harder as you go. its a good place to start learning it. also you can use the API and Sun's wesite to learn more, like said already from Sparda's post.
  2. well at least your are trying to get it going again, i might do it, cause im bored as hell, and it sounds like fun. maybe... if i remember and have time... XD
  3. hmm, we need a new challenge.
  4. i think a new thread would be good too, i think i suggested that a long time ago. the game sounds, ok, but needs more detail, and the idea of making extra challenges like certain about of lines, or a limit of size and stuff would be fun.
  5. i wish people would start doing this again, it would be fun.
  6. hmm, things tend to move very slowly on these challenges, especially more lately. hmm i have a quick thought. maybe we should request a subforum here so that we can post different challenges, and keep them organized and so we can have more then one challenge going on at one time, and people can choose what they thing is cool. this would also keep things more organized and allow a greater variety of things to do for people of all levels of experience. a greater variety might help keep things going, allowing people to do more then one challenge at once. idk, just a thought, seemed good at the time.
  7. i have to disagree with u there, u use the css programming language to design web pages, just as u use say java to design software. ur still having to write the script that the computer reads to do a set of instruction. so it is programming.
  8. well looks like after a year, this challenge dies, hmmm, unless someone can come up with a good challenge, and keep it simple, i think it died cause no one has time to do the hard challenges. i know i dont. to much other stuff to do.
  9. looks to me like no one did the challenge and that the whole thing just died.
  10. well i did get a new tv, a sony bravia 40" lcd. its awesome. and we got it cheap to, on sale for $899 usually $1099 and it wasnt a black friday sale.
  11. thats about the same thing i said to my mom. im am trying to get her to get a new tv tomorrow during the sales. and i just wanted to get some feed back to show her that LCD is better. thx guys.
  12. i am thinking of buying a new tv. i have gotten different opinions on the different types. just wondering what u guys would recommend. LCD or Plasma.
  13. cool i won, thx. uhh well i dont want to come up with a challenge cause its more fun to do them then come up with them, so someone else make a new challenge, plz.
  14. Ok, well this is my text game. What you have to do is choose a path, if you are correct then you go to the next path, once you get to the end (if you can get to the end) you win. Enjoy. Link to jar file: [link] // // KazesTextGame.java // KazesTextGame // // Created by Kaz on 10/29/08. // Copyright (c) 2008 __k4z0.com__. All rights reserved. // import java.util.*; public class KazesTextGame { public static void main(String[] args){ // Vars int guess; int paths = 0; Random gen = new Random(); String go; String option; System.out.println("******************************\n" + "* Welcome to Kazes pathways. *\n" + "******************************\n"); // Play input System.out.println("Do you want to play? Y or N"); Scanner inGo = new Scanner(System.in); go = inGo.next(); // Yes to play if(go.equalsIgnoreCase("Y")){ System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Ok, so first to get you started. \n" + "Well, here you will have to choose carefully. \n" + "If you choose wrong, well it wont be pretty. \n" + "There are two paths infront of you, \n" + "you much choose wisely, \n" + "one will lead on and continue to the end, \n" + "and the other to doom."); while(paths < 4){ // left or right input System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Choose your path. Left (L) or Right (R)"); Scanner leftRight = new Scanner(System.in); option = leftRight.next(); // chooses right if(option.equalsIgnoreCase("R")){ guess = gen.nextInt(2); if(guess == 0){ System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Correct, continue forward"); paths++; } else if(guess == 1){ System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Worng, you fail"); break; } // chooses left } else if(option.equalsIgnoreCase("L")){ guess = gen.nextInt(2); if(guess == 0){ System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Correct, continue forward"); paths++; } else if(guess == 1){ System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Worng, you fail"); break; } } } while(paths == 4){ System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Congratulations, you won!"); break; } // No to play } else if(go.equalsIgnoreCase("N")){ System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Ok, well bye. I understand so just leave it you realy want to."); } System.out.println("******************************\n" + "Thanks for playing"); } }
  15. so im guessing no one is doing that one, well anyways we need a new challenge i guess someone else should make a new challenge, keep it interesting and simple, so more people can manage it. and remember make it interesting. im not coming up with one cause i can think of one and i want to be able to do the challenge, and me not come up with the challenge. ok well if anyone has any good ideas i really would like it, and i think others would to, if i could get a small challenge to help me practice more.
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