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  1. You are so right, it is like trying to learn a new language and i think the vets here should welcome us noobs who really want to learn, I know a lot of uber noobs come in here claiming they wanna learn to hack just so they can show off to their other lame friends but that is not true for all of us, i want to learn cause I have always had a interest in computers and trying to mod things to make them better or find a new use for it all together. My first mod was using the lil rabbit ear transmitter and receiver for the old tv sets to transmit your cable from one tv to the other using radio frequency. I said hey if i can transmit Audio and video from a tv transmitting voice from a phone would be a breeze So I got my transmitter and cut the power wire and attached the 9 volt battery to it that i ripped out of my Army green G.I Joe Walkie Talkies (THAT PICKED UP AND TRANSMITTED TO CORDLESS PHONES) and I got a roll of black tape and some zip ties and snuck under my neighbors trailer and spliced their phone wire and hooked up the RCA plugs to their wire with some gator clips and zip tied the whole unit under their trailer. I ran home and hooked up the receiver to my tv and was just all fuzzy inside that it worked. I know it was wrong but hell I was 11, i didn't know any better
  2. Hi I am new to this site, I found you all through IronGeek. I ran cross the program Cain and Able while looking for a program to recover some lost photos on my memory card. As I started reading about cain and able, watching you tube clips and researching other Network security programs and exploits I was just wowed at how much I thought I new but had no clue. I ran the program on my PC and my Jaw just dropped. Now I am like a hungry kid wanting more. Favourite game: Socom (I was a SOCOM Junkie for awhile, PSP Clan POOMASSIVE Favourite OS: Windows XP (I know I know windows Sucks But that's all I got) Favourite console: PS2 (NEVER PLAYED A PS3) Accent: English (southern) Sex: Male Age:29 Race: Black Height: 6 3 Status: Single Build: Fat Favourite book: Understanding Exposure (FORGET BY: WHO) Favourite shows: BoonDoccks, 24 South park Favourite Comedian: Dave Chappelle Other hobbies: Video/Audio Production, Photography, Occupation: Art Director
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