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  1. Hi, I'm building my own "Sms service" I've already configured my sms gateway, So my idea is that I wanna be able to send a sms to my gateway which then runs a script that will wget a a site (Where my teachers write what homework I should do etc), now this is where my problems is, I've found out the tags around the message like this eg. <tag>Homework</tag>. Now I want grep (or awk sed etc) to sort out the variable(homework).

    So if i do a

    $> cat bla.html

    <tag>Do this and that</tag>

    Then i want to do

    $> cat | grep Some wildcard thingy (so it sorts out "Do this and that")

    Do this and that

    Sorry for my poor english, i'm pretty tired so i might edit it tomorrow :>

    I hope you got my point ;)


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