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  1. Okay... It seems when I install Firefox, it uninstalls flash from itself. So that's why I get the "need plug-in" So I just installed Flash 8 instead of 9, and it works! GREAT! Thanks :)
  2. I HAVE to upgrade to flash 9!!! If I have anything whatsoever lower than 9, it says "Unable to show media on this page-click here to download required plugins" ?!?!?!
  3. Thanks for how to fix the problem with #2, because I hate that too! But DOES Pandora work with it?!
  4. Umm, I don't know what you are saying about it, but whatever it is will let you use Pandora on most browsers regardless of flash?? Sooo, can you update me on whether it works?! And Aerol33t, are you saying it works fine with Flash 9, or it hasn't forced you to update to Flash 9? Because mine forced me to update.
  5. Yep, I knew it was being released. BUT it isn't compatible with Pandora; it requires you to update to Flash Player 9, or it won't display anything... Is there anything that can be done? If not, I guess I'll have to figure out how to keep my settings and go to the original Firefox.... :(
  6. Hi, what is the compatibility with Firefox 2, now that it has been officially released?
  7. [/size]May have found a solution! Worked for me for the past month! For those of you have problems with wrong naming-I have a solution that worked one hundred percent for me! If you change channels, wait for the end of the song!!! I found out that I could change channels, and that had been my problem that I have been having for a LONG time!! So I tried something; I waited until the end of the song after I changed channels to rip it, and it works perfectly!! I can change channel after channel and still get the song and naming right!
  8. YES yes yes!! Hip-hip hoooorraaayyy!!! Pandora is working now, because I restart it when I change channels! That was my whole problem this long time-I changed channels ALL the time!!!! Yipee!!!!
  9. Xltrader, I have my Pandora from the Wild and Bad link-I got it before the site must have went down; but I believe I am having a different problem than where I got Pandora from-but thanks for the help :)
  10. OMG that must be my problem!!!! I can't believe it; I've had trouble with wrong names for a LONG time now, but I am ALWAYS changing stations!! That must be my problem, I almost gaurentee it!!
  11. Nope! Still not working; and I am positive I deleted anything old. So, any more ideas, suggestions, HELP??!! lol I want my music, please help me!
  12. I re-downloaded the newest Pandora, and deleted EVERYTHING from the previous installation. I'll see if it works now. Thanks, I'll post results :)
  13. Before I put 7.3.1 on my computer; I had a really old version; not 7.3... so unless it is those old old files that I thought I got rid of, then it isn't that. Actually; I am almost 100% sure that before I put on 7.3.1 I deleted everything from my previous version except my mp3 folder. In case I didn't, though, how do I know what files are from my old version?
  14. It is naming the song correctly; but when I play it back it is not the correct song. I asked help for this problem on about page 55, but no one has helped me (except t3chn0b0y tried; thank you!) so I am asking again; what can I do?
  15. It never copies the right song, but in my desperate attempts to get it working I figured out that if I hit "grab this song" once, then delete the song it grabs, and hit "grab this song" again, then it grabs the correct song. However, I can't keep doing this so can you please help me? Thanks.
  16. I just downloaded and installed the beta 7.3.1.... I didn't delete anything. I am using flash version 8. I have a pandorasJar.log file, it says a whole bunch of stuff like this: DEBUG Thread-2 util.Mp3Processor - file ~DF5B6A.tmp is not an mp3 DEBUG Thread-2 util.Mp3Processor - recent non mp3 file found: ~DF5B6A.tmp - will continue to next file Does that help you at all? I really don't know what else to say. Thanks
  17. So, I REALLY really want to get Pandora working! What can I do to make it stop saving the wrong song than the one I am listening to, and naming it wrong?
  18. So first, what can I do to fix my wrong names? Secondly, I couldn't get the wildandbad.com link to open either, but then I opened it in Internet Explorer and it worked fine. Try IE instead of FireFox.
  19. I tried both links for Pandora, and both of them have the wrong song associated with the name of it. So something is messed up in both links.
  20. I am having a problem with Pandora. My songs will save, but they aren't the same. Say I save Hypnotize by System of a Down, it will end up being B.B.K. by Korn. I am using Win XP Pro, and Flash Player 8, so what can I do to fix this?
  21. What happens when you use Flash 9 with Pandora's Jar? Because I just realized I have Flash 9. Is that why just about all of my songs have the wrong name associated with the song? I have 3 songs that have a diffent name yet play the same song. Is that what happens with flash 9? Thanks for replying to my last question, MrDave :)
  22. What is the difference between Pandora's Jar and Pandora Ripper? Is one better than another? Are there even more than those 2?
  23. Thanks, but I already asked my question about Pandora in another post! It was replied to almost immediatly. Thank you!
  24. I have been a long-time observer of this site, and just registered today because I needed to ask a question. But that's irrelevant, I wanted to congratulate and thank you for a nice, orderly, spam-free forum. Long live Pandora's Jar!
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