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  1. Wow-that'd be cool :-D If you don't mind me asking a personal question in your PR thread-how'd you learn to be so awesome at this stuff?
  2. Sweet! Thank you, my hero :D I wish I knew some of the stuff you know, so I could contribute to this community. I'd really like to make a Slacker timeshifter for those that wanted it (and me)...
  3. That'd be cool; unfortunately I'm pretty dumb with this stuff-even though I'd really like to do a lot of things.
  4. So not meaning to be impatient-but any ideas on when the new release with custom folder support is gonna come? I'm droolin' for it :-D
  5. Maybe your internet is too slow to load the entire song before PandoraRip grabs it?
  6. Great-thanks for the quick and helpful reply; looking forward to the next version(s)!
  7. Urgh-everything was working wonderfully until I just got my new PC. I copied all of my PJ settings and such over to it, but CDDB won't work again :-( I have it set to "On" but my tracks only have Artist & Title... Please help!
  8. Thanks for the easy fix-hopefully someone important will notice this post and fix PJ for us :-D
  9. Hey man-couple of questions: 1) Can you specify the directory for it each track to save to? I'm asking because with PJ I have 2 folders-one for workout music and another for general. 2) PJ has issues with and above-is this a problem with PandoraRip, also? 3) I don't understand (and never have :() how to make Flash work with FirefoxPortable-could you please help me out? 4) I've never tried Flash Switcher-does it let you install Flash 9 and then revert to Flash 8 when you need it? That'd be cool-I've simply kept my Flash at 8 permanently... Maybe I should check the forums more often :P (Darn fast-updating technology!) Thanks a ton for the obvious effort you've put into this app!
  10. Hey I made a post about this a long time ago! I'm with you all the way trying to get it up and running!
  11. Flippin' sweet! I'm dumb to this, but you'd be my hero if you fixed it and got Pandora Unleashed working again!
  12. Thanks for the credit, darkone, and thanks for making PJ way better-I love the CDDB lookup now! Also, the specify folder setting is the best! I can now set my fast-paced workout songs to one folder, and the average good song to another!
  13. Again, to make Flash 8 work with Pandora, please look at problem A here.
  14. I appreciate your reply, but I believe my tracks are saved by artist name, not station name :???: Am I correct, and if so can I change that? Edit: In fact, I just checked, and I'm sure my PJ saves by artist name...
  15. Thank you CB. From your previous post, you seem to know a lot more about anything with this than I do, so I'd appreciate your help. As I said before, I would also appreciate anyone's help as to how I might start something like this.
  16. I think what you have made is the same general concept as this. I really would have loved to have used this, but I didn't get to it before the link went down. A lot of people here (me too!) would appreciate you releasing this!
  17. Something I would die to see implemented in Pandora are save tags, so that you could enter a tag, such as "gym", then press "grab this track", and Pandora would save it normally, but with "gym" in the comments area of the file. That would greatly help me organize my songs so that I didn't have slow songs in my playlist for the gym. Consideration appreciated.
  18. I'll admit that I guess you are right. But I just listened to it again (I hadn't listened to it since I made this post), and I love it so damn much; great songs I would love to have for the gym. So, I'll give up bugging other people to timeshift it, since no one seems at all interested; but please refer me to some guide as to how I might even get started making a program to timeshift it; because I have no clue about any of it. Thanks for putting up with my buggering this long!
  19. It works for me; and damn I love it. I really wish I knew how to do some coding to make my own PJ for it, since no one seems to love it like I do...
  20. Ha, I know what you mean! But still, I'm waiting for a good reply to this!
  21. Wow; I'm afraid you completely stunned me! I just would like to know if there is a capable person on this forum willing to make a PJ-like program for Slacker...
  22. Okay, but I need to find someone who would do it. Any ideas?
  23. So bump, again. Is there any chance of someone wanting to timeshift this?
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