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  1. Well I'm glad that I'm getting support from you guys-I feel bad that this is potentially bringing "negative" attention, but at the same time, I intended no harm by creating this thread.
  2. Okay, so I just want to say way to go Dingle Berries! Secondly, Ricardo being here probably has to do with the fact that any Google search for his website, or him, or his URL turn up with this Hak5 thread towards the top of the results :D If you really want sales, man, you ought to pay attention to this thread rather than threaten everyone here.
  3. Tricky bastard! I really wish people like that got what they deserved!
  4. So what happened Razor? I went through the checkout process without paying and he sent me an angry email stating I was interrupting his business ;) Also, looky: "These are for people who cant afford the real iphone. Looks and works the same. I sell more of these phone then the real ones." -How could he sell so many already when he just put them up?!
  5. Damn. Can we do anything to punish him?
  6. Well, yeah, I've decided not to do it. One thing that REALLY persuaded me not to is this: I looked at his guestbook and contacted the people who claimed they got stuff from him. I got a reply from both, at around the same time. The one, badbadcredit@hotmail.com, claimed to be a "Stacy" that got her iPhones from him. However, you know what Stacy's name was? "RICK BURRESS" Bastard. To think I was actually going to buy from him...
  7. Well, let me rephrase: Never install tor on a school computer. It's a lot easier to get away with using a proxy than installing a program :)
  8. A store is unnaffordable; like 200% more :( Does it sound scam-like to you? How so with the picture and everything?
  9. I just got a picture from him.
  10. I have something to add: DON'T use TOR, whatever you do. The admins can find you all too easily, as I found out my first year of high school. Now, I also have a question-do you know how I could set up SSH on my iPhone to bypass school restrictions?
  11. Hey guys, I've been a member of this site for quite a while and have a high respect for you. I'm hoping that you guys can use your hacking knowledge to help me out with this one website that I found when I was searching for an iPhone. The name of the website is "Ricardo's Closet", found at foneaddons.com. All payment on this site goes through PayPal. Now, I have no idea whether he could still scam me through PayPal, so to be safe I'm asking for your help to find all we can about this guy. Here is what he's told me in emails when I expressed interest in an iPhone: He's from Charlotte, North Carolina. That's about the extent of it. And here's what I've found out so far from a WHOIS of his site: So, can you guys help me out and find out all you can about the site? I don't know what you guys can do, but as I said I know you can do amazing things ;) Secondly, I'm completely open to non-technical suggestions also, and will PayPal protect me from being scammed? Thanks a billion! max
  12. This is known. Help out by complaining here :) I've been wanting this fixed, too.
  13. I noticed more and more people are frustrated with this, too.
  14. Hey thanks for that! I don't know anything either though
  15. I have problems with tagging; my newly ripped songs have no tags other than artist and song name-can you please help!! I have the following error in my log file: INFO Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - looking up ID3 tag info 4 [trapt|Headstrong] INFO Thread-2 util.CddbLookUp - looking up data: SongInfo{album='null', artist='Trapt', title='Headstrong', trackNumber='null', year='null', lable='null', genre='null', station='null'} INFO Thread-2 util.CddbLookUp - submitting : Trapt+Headstrong WARN Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - failed lookup -- no biggy -- cause: null WARN Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - failed lookup -- no biggy -- description: com.meterware.httpunit.WebForm$NoSuchParameterException: No parameter named 'q' is defined in the form WARN Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - failed lookup -- no biggy -- message: No parameter named 'q' is defined in the form WARN Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - unable to save img - albumImgLoc: null songInfo: SongInfo{album='null', artist='Trapt', title='Headstrong', trackNumber='null', year='null', lable='null', genre='null', station='null'} INFO Thread-2 util.Mp3Processor - adding ID3 tags: SongInfo{album='null', artist='Trapt', title='Headstrong', trackNumber='null', year='null', lable='null', genre='null', station='null'} DEBUG Thread-2 servlet.ProcessAction - cruise on - dealing with file manually I've confirmed this is not my router's fault-it won't work when plugged directly into the modem, either.
  16. Lol, no, it happens on their website also so I don't have to even mention TimeShifting 8-) Pandora replied back-they said a small number of users have this problem but they don't understand why...
  17. Nope, after trying that it still doesn't work :? Other people mentioned this, too, I noticed, in the Pandora main thread. This happens on both Pandora website itself and Pandora's Jar. Also my PC is just fresh installed, as of Christmas, so no junk should be stopping it. Weird! I just noticed Pandora's website doesn't work in my main browser, either! Something is really f'ed up! BTW, just to make sure I disabled all running applications-still no luck :-( If you can't help me, I'm going to contact Pandora directly since it happens on their site, too. But I'm sure some guru here could help me out!!
  18. Oh boy I understand; I don't know what you do but I just got over 3 research projects :x Now that I'm done, though, I feel pretty dang good :-)
  19. I was so excited about the new and updated standalone version but I'm having a pretty major problem-the song plays for 10-15 seconds and completely stops, no matter what I do. Also no songs will rip, but I assume it's related to the first issue. Any help much appreciated.
  20. How do you grab only the tracks you want? I thought this was possible-but it appears not? If it's not possible-I'd love to see it; I always custom grabbed tracks with Pandora's Jar. I know you can just delete the tracks you don't want, but it'd be easier just to custom grab tracks; plus constant deleting fragments the hard drive, doesn't it? Everything else rocks! Thanks :)
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