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  1. Well, I'm Erik (with an k. it's kooler, ref. Thief of time / Pratchett). Nick since forever is above (kinda liked it since xastur is perhaps the most creepy deviless in The Necronomicon, and xastor should (imho somehow sound like the male counterpart). I'm a student, and therefore lazy. Ergo ctrl+c / ctrl+v... Favourite game: Evil Islands (If you can, buy it. It's an RPG thats well worthwhile to go through.) Favourite OS: Gonna be an arse here and say XP (though Vista is a good nb 2. Havn't really tried *nix atm. *buntu seems pretty userfriendly though. And I REALLY hate OSX. (bad config at my school. Somehow they've mushed up the serverconn. I actually think I've heard something about it beeing an OSX-Exchange conn., so if someone got some ingenious tip there it would be great...) Favourite console: Never owned one. Exept GB. Two games. Tetris and some racecar-thiing. My sister stole it. For tetris. I butfucked the computer instead. Nationality: Viking Accent: Viking with a gigantic twist of no-nb (Norwegian-"newlanguage/bokmål". We're 4,5mill, we've got 3 diff lang to write. We're støpid.) Sex: Male Age: 20ish+ Race: White European Height: 1870mm Status: Kinda bored (reformating winXP) Build: Slimmer than Inspector Gadget on a long day Favourite band: Hmm... RATM, Korn, Mr.Bungle, Clawfinger (YM:stammen is a unheard of Norwegian band. Ok texts though. You would'nt understand shit. Probably...) Favourite book: Should've said LOTR, or WoT (CRAPPY GAME THOUGH), or Discworld. Gonna say Sword of Shadows (x3) although I'm still missing the last book... Favourite author: Terry Pratchett (Condolances(?) btw) Favourite movie: The Quest for the Holy Grail (MontyP), although Walace & Gromit is on the list with "some" more Favourite director: Kevin Smith (Gotta agree here...) Favourite TV Show: The Tick Favourite actor: No question. Bruce Campbell (just had to get AoD in among the favs too...) Favourite actress: Does porn count? Favourite Pinup: Actually. I'm sorry. I obviously watch to much porn to notice (or really, the name function in my head sucks. big time. More often I'll use 3 weeks to learn one name. (lastnames kinda stick though.) Favourite Comedian: Rowan Atkinson Other hobbies: Photography, Crappy graphic design, fishing, hiking, hating my crappy computer with its hardware prob (im to cheap to fix (prob mobo) and im in the lookout for a somewhat new comp...) Car: My fancy legs. Theyre great. In Norway it's $8,18 per gallon atm btw (if my math is still with me). 5,08NKO->1$ / 1gl=3,78lit / 1lit=11-12NOK / (For your possibility to dubblecheck. Occupation: The worst graphic student in the world. (Or just student.) I'll might update this thingy some time. Or not.
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