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    So far from the line, the line is a dot to me!

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  1. Favourite game: UT 99 Favourite OS: Windows XP (ubuntu in VMWare if that counts, lots of games too lazy to reboot ) Favourite console: Classic Gameboy. da da da daaaa, da da daaa, da da daaa, da da daaa, da da daaa, daa daa daa daaa! Nationality: English Accent: English (southern) Sex: Male Aka Yes Please Age:21 Race: Programmer Height: 5ft 10 or something Status:Tired Build: Programmer Favourite band: It changes, ATM, wolfmother Favourite book: The elegant universe by brian greene Favourite author: Terry Pratchett Favourite movie: Shaun of the dead Favourite director: Ridley Scott Favourite TV Show: Dexter Favourite actor: brad pitt, ty so much for fight club..... Favourite actress: Jessica alba, who else Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: Dylan Moran Other hobbies: Archery, UT 99, Soul destroying, the usual Occupation: Computing student
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