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  1. Also note that the tuner_6_9_0_4.swf string occurs twice in the pandoragrabber.html file. You probably should change both. Changing just the first occurance in the <PARAM> tag didn't fix it for me (maybe because of a browser setting... not sure). So, at least in some circumstances you must also make the change in the <EMBED> tag.
  2. How about throwing that line out altogether? Pandora makes 2 plugtmp* files in that directory. That FilenameFilter a few lines up makes sure that only regular files named plugtmp* wind up in files array. What's the point in also checking to see if the name ends with a number? You're right. I didn't give much thought to why it was trying to parse the number out of the name but it seems that's a holdover from previous tactics to identify the mp3 audio files when they were in the plugtmp directory and had filenames consisting of just a number. Looks like deleting the line should work. Good
  3. Try replacing the line in Mp3Processor.java that was originally this: Long.parseLong(file.getName()); ... to this ... Long.parseLong(file.getName().substring(file.getName().indexOf("-")+1)); That should handle it whether it makes plugtmp-## files or plugtmp1-## files.
  4. Absolutely untested... except for the one test I did... which might have been a fluke... but it worked. Don't you just love hacks on beta code that is attempting to 2nd guess an uncooperative 3rd party system in the 1st place. I did notice that in some cases, Pandora is pre-loading the "next" song before it is even displayed or played. That might be sending pandora.jar for a trip. I didn't look over that part of the code too closely. I just tried to get the file name identification working and left the rest of it alone.
  5. The $1 and $2 class files should be generated along with Mp3Processor.class in the same compiler output location. They are just anonymous inner classes in the Mp3Processor.java source (one is a Comparator for sorting file names and the other is the one I added which is a FilenameFilter... as if you care...). Looks like someone made the mods, rebuilt the jar, and posted it anyway. That should be easier unless you just really want to do it all yourself.
  6. For those of you who aren't afraid to hack a bit, and know how to compile Java code... 1) Edit srcutilMp3Processor.java... 1-a) Find these lines (beginning around line number 67) ---------- private static File getAccessFile(File pandoraTempDir) { File [] files = pandoraTempDir.listFiles(); ---------- ...and insert the following lines just after those lines... ---------- File tmpDir = new File(System.getenv("TEMP")); files = tmpDir.listFiles(new FilenameFilter() { public boolean accept(File parentDir, String fileName) { boolean nameMa
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