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  1. Also mentioned outside of Hak5 on Episode 1337 of Buzz Out Loud(http://bol.cnet.com/).

    At 22:22, Molly mentions that Darren's tearing apart his phone for no apparent reason.

    Molly: It turns out that the darknet is onto him.

    Darren: *cough* EEF5204D6A what?

    If this is being hinted at on Buzz Out Loud, what are the chances that Darren's been leaving hints about this around other shows(TNT being my first thought) as well?

  2. This is an OLD topic. I'm aware of that site already what I was expecting was an episode break down of each season. Example: 1x01, 1x02, etc. Those torrents are nice but how do I know there is not an episode missing. I guess I'll have to have faith they are complete.

    Wiki used to have all the EP descriptions up from 1x01, but the wiki isn't functioning as it seems.

  3. I have tried to install zonealarm virus protection software onto my computer, but when I click on the executeable icon, to load the program, my computer immediately locks up. Has anyone had this problem with zonealarm and does anyone have any suggestions?


    Auto Europe

    And you too have a virus. Kill explorer, scan using something decent like NOD32 or BitDefender, and hope that works. If it does, great. If it doesn't, do the backup, format, and reinstall dance.

  4. I'm fairly sure that the admins don't even delete accounts because it breaks topics sometimes. If you really want to delete it, change your pass on here to something you don't use(encase we get hacked again), then just leave.

  5. I doubt any school would care at all about a "disclaimer" and would without a doubt report you to the police as a hacker, especially if any real damage was done to the computer.

    Make the person buying it sign a contract.

  6. There is a reason that they block stuff on school computers.

    That reason is: School computer labs are not an internet cafe, they are for school work.

    The same goes for a library. If you want to play WoW, play it at home.

    WoW takes how long to download? Our libraries here can't even run it. Library computers are for research, jobs, etc.

    make a new local administrator >

    boot with CD or USB

    press F5 on boot try to login as admin

    get something to run:

    press F3 search for stuff to run cmd.exe etc ..also try to run stuff with IE "ctl+o" cmd etc ... also download cmd.exe and try to run it

    try ctrl+alt+del to run stuff

    look for old software on the system to exploit (insert adobe and flash) maybe even local privilege escalation :)

    I have a usb drive with all my *tools* on it along with BT4 etc .. like this .. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4841204/UBER_PORTABLE_PACK you can also thinstall games and just rename it to notepad.exe etc ..

    If I were you, I'd backup that torrent and upload it somewhere else. TPB ain't gonna be around much longer.

  7. For a more Hak5ish reply:

    Mintirc won't show your IP, it should be something different, and all you need to do to get more secure is to register your nick and auto identify, which will change your hostname to users.mintirc.net.

    Zone9...well that's for you to find out.

  8. Um, you guys know that there's about a 90% chance that Andrew is a spambot? Yep, it's true seen them many times. The first post is rather vague and innocuous, just enough to elicit a reply. The bot will come back later and if there's replies it will further spam the board with more messages. Just an FYI, although I could be wrong.

    Or he sucks at English. I don't think we've had spambots with the vocabulary of a German person.q

  9. Ideally you need a password on a bios or maybe locking the hard drive with a password (word of warning don't forget or loose it though)

    He just said he didn't want a password.

    There's no real way to make the bootloader check for a keyfile, or something related to that. Even so, someone with the ultimate grub boot cd can just install a new bootloader.

  10. Lets see...I'm presuming that the following were/are correct:

    -Command prompt is "disabled my administrator".

    -Batch execution is disabled "Due to the effects that it can have on this computer."

    -Your trying to run a batch file...for what reason? If you absolutely need what it does, then your best bet is to make a program that uses system calls...

    And in the end, your doing this is in a 30 minute session in which as soon as your logged off, deepfreeze erases all your changes.

    E: @H@L0_F00 is correct. Why the hell do you need it again?

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