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  1. Hold Shift when you stick in your U3 = disables U3 Launch Gonzor's Package has a disable button on the GUI
  2. This seems pretty pointless to be honest. If your a beginner and your wanting to run linux then, I agree, just go run it.. For a newbie, I think he will get more out of booting up into linux than this. It wouldnt give that same first impression/feel/rush as you get when you boot up that first live cd :-D
  3. I have a querry... Take a non-U3 USB Stick. All of the contents of hexlax's sanComp.rar file have been extracted within (logs, payload, tools, config.txt, scanComp.exe) plus another file, named icons with a hdsymbol.ico, in the root of the usb stick. I created an autorun file as follows: [autorun] action=Open Folder icon=iconshdsymbol.ico shellexecute=scancomp.exe label=MyPortableHDD shellOwn This Computercommand=scancomp.exe All works according to plan, however is there a way that I can get the explorer to come up too? Instead/aswell as the console window? Many thanks in advance.
  4. FlaRG*


    Aye, I saw it. The links arent working and the .bat file which uses pskill, although probably effective on some AVs, isnt on all (i.e. mine!). Thank you for the reply nonetheless. I am beginning to wonder whether it is possible to find a package which gets past the software. EDIT: Links are back up on "http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,8169.0.html" and found em to be v. userful... thanks to Hexlax for the links, and Gandalf for the reference!
  5. Hey Hexlax, Please can you get those links working. When accessed the pages says: "Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found. Suggested Actions: Check the URL that you have typed and retry." Thanks.
  6. FlaRG*


    Hey, Im using the payload designed by Gonzor. There have been a couple of computers who's AV Software have had a field day once Iv plugged my USB in. Ive searched the forum, tried the pskill. exe, and 'NET STOP' command, and Kaspersky does not like the AVKiller. It might just be that I have missed some very easy way of doing this, and if so please say so! Otherwise, I would be very thankful indeed, if someone were to suggest any other means of disabling the AV! Many thanks in advance!
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