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  1. Well ive searched this forum and havent found anthing that helps me soo... ive downloaded switchblade and extracted it until i got the folder PCINFO then copied and pasted it too my usb stick then unplugged it then plugged it back in again and it doesnt pop up with "open files on folder" ive done this 3 times still nothing happens please help.... thanks DONT WORRY I HAVE FOUND OUT THE PROBLEM
  2. ling

    New and confused

    Actually i dont care about the program thing no more i want to get into C++, python or whatever but i dont know which one to start with, if i start with python ill propably only remember python so i might just skip ahead abit and learn C++ but i dont know where to start SO i will USE the "SEARCH" :)
  3. ling

    New and confused

    wow, im suprised how many people that are moaning at me, if they really wanted people to stay at hak5 forum they could be atleast kind to a new member.
  4. ling

    New and confused

    ive tried to copy and paste but i cant find the setup of the program i wanted (before you moan at me ive tried to search everything on severs and the program still isnt there) and can someone tell me what usb dumper is?
  5. Well, as you may know im new here and i just want to know what usb dumper does (could you explain well) And i also i want to know how to get around school filters. Oh and the other thing i wanted to know is if i wanted to take a file from a school computer how could i do it, its on a shared disk drive. (sorry if it sounds child-is) im just new with lots of questions :P Thanks, Ling
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