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  1. So, a long long time ago I posted on this forum about a project I started with my website (http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=17145&st=0) It's been a while and we have launched a bunch of new services and made the site a lot more pretty :) One of our new services is called Disposable Phone Numbers. I sent Darren 100 beta invite links that will unlock that service for you guys to check out. If he never does anything with them I will post them here. I'd appreciate any feedback you guys could give about the site, we've worked pretty hard on it. Thanks! Site: http://1dl.us
  2. Ha! Yea, that was actually a bug in our code! We currently only allow JPG and GIF uploads. Our code was _supposed_ to not allow other formats (bmp, png, txt, exe, etc.) But for some reason it was, and throwing a PHP error. This has been fixed. We have a bunch of emails from people with some really good suggestions and tweaks. A lot of the tweaks were head smackers. Stuff we should have thought of. Like the google search box being focused automatically when the page loads, etc. Our traffic was _INSANE_ - We are not using G.A. because we aren't a big fan of it. Our site was stressed for about 2 hours yesterday so we don't have great reporting for the whole day. We are getting a constant stream of traffic now which is great. The word of mouth is proving to be working. Lifehacker was really helped us get our start. As of right now, our traffic is still pretty good. So, fingers crossed!
  3. Damn, well, lifehacker.com had us scrambling. We have done some major performance tweaks that we "thought" might be an issue if we ever got a lot of traffic. Apparently it was. In addition to the performance tweaks, we are dedicating more resources to the box so this _hopefully_ won't happen again.
  4. Holy crap, I just got posted on lifehacker!! http://lifehacker.com/5599454/1dlus-is-a-s...e+use-web-sites Traffic owned!!!! AHH!H!!
  5. I'm sure I could add a PW generating tool, and possibly a cracking tool (maybe like a hash checker, etc.) We are working on setting up doing a few things that I'm pretty excited about. Thanks for all the feedback guys! I'm going to give the site a few years and see how much it takes off, so help me spread the word around! :)
  6. Can you elaborate a little on exactly what you are asking?
  7. So, I've been a hak5 fan for a while, although I don't post that often. I wanted to ask what you guys thought about a project I have been working on, and maybe give me some ideas on it. I basically tried to combine several single use websites into one (ie - tinyurl, ipchicken, imageshack, etc.) I even got disposable email working! Anyway, please give me ideas or what you like and don't like. If you can think of another single use website to add, then let me know. All feedback (good and bad) requested. Thanks! http://1dl.us
  8. RSS Bandit looks pretty nice as well. However, it does look to be a little more bloated than what I need. Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate it very much. After installing Juice, it appears to do exactly what I need, and only what I need. Lightweight, and pretty nice. Check it out if you are interested: http://juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/ Pics: http://juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/screenshots/index.php
  9. Sorry... Windows.. I just downloaded Juice... going to try it out. I'll report back how it is. I had to right it to all hell to get it to work on Vista...
  10. Wow, that podcastready thing is a heap!!! Thanks for the suggestion though, but that program is terrible! Miro seems to be WAY to bulky to just have a simple program that will download files for me via RSS... Plus, I'm not even sure it does that... If I were going to do that, I would just download them in uTorrent. The reason for the automation is so the videos can download while I'm at work and be ready when I sit down at my desk at home.
  11. Is there a good FREE RSS program (for videocasts such as HAK.5) that will let me add the feeds and let me set it to automatically download the video file for me? BESIDES iTunes :P ??? Oh, and also allows me to minimize it to the systray so I don't have to stare at it open in the taskbar all the time. Thanks in advance. Just curious what you guys use.
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