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  1. Did some more testing to try and provide a bit more info. * The config is default. Firmware reset and updated to latest version (v1.1.1), then connected to my Wifi, tried a few different settings by picking USB-tethering etc, but it makes no difference. * Connecting through the Management AP makes no difference * Browser is Chrome Version 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit) * OS Ubuntu 21.04 if that helps * Another screenshot of the console in Chrome (basically the same info though, but this really keeps spamming constantly on the recon page) * Using Firefox instead makes it worse. It doesn't even ask me for a password it just gives me an empty page, probably a view/template with no data.
  2. Figured I'd update a bit today after experimenting some more. I did a firmware reset of the device, hoping it would solve my issues. It did not. I couldn't find a way to NOT update to the latest firmware so the issues came back. This is the browser console at any point in the Pineapple Mark VII interface. And this is when I press certain buttons, like Reboot or Shutdown.
  3. So I came here since I've had a lot of problems since the update, and it seems others in this thread have had the exact same issues as me. APs not showing up in recon, buttons changing state, and a few other issues. Have these been addressed or will there be another update? 🙂 My current issues are: * APs not showing up * No handshakes are captured ever * Recon slider keeps resetting * Popup messages can't be closed * Sometimes the reboot/shutdown message is empty and can't be closed or clicked * Browser console has a bunch of error messages that keep spamming * At times the whole UI just becomes unresponsive
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