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  1. how did you do it? i'm curious :) I have no clue on how to do it, and i'd like to know :D
  2. I read this topic about 6 or 7 times, but i cannot see how to fix this unpacking thing. so if you can show me? :S
  3. any help please..? would be appreciated alot!
  4. Don't know how i did it, but i got "send.bat" extracted. now only need the "sbs.exe" and "go.cmd" ...
  5. I discovered what i did wrong, i could NOT see system files. that's why i want the english Windows XP ¬_¬ (got the Dutch version) the only problem left: winZIP / winRAR doesn't extract "sbs.exe" "go.cmd" and "send.bat" If anyone can please help me with those, i would love you! (in a non-gay way :)) ------------------------------ The error I get when i try drag & dropping the sbs.exe, go.cmd or send.bat file:
  6. hey, I've got a question. If you guys can answer it, I would be VERY happy :) The problem is; when i use winRAR to extract "hak5_usb_hacksaw_ver0. 2poc. rar" it freezes for a short period of time when it's extracting "sbs. exe" When i go into the folder "WIP" i can see the folders "CMD" and "SBS", but they are empty :( I can see system files/folders, and hidden files/folders. solved question 1 ----------------------- 2nd question; If i want to use Hacksaw & Switchblade both on 1 U3 USB, do I just copy the Hacksaw "WIP" folder into the USB root? (I have Switchblade installed) thanks in advantage! - suicidal
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