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  1. Greetings, i wanted to thank you for writing such a fantastic program. it has definatly gotten me out of my music rut. a couple of requests i would like. 1.) have an option to overwrite the downloaded genre with the channel name. for example i got a genre of country/techno/punk/alternative downloaded from my techno channel. would it be possible for every song downloaded from the techno channel to automatically get named to the techno genre because the genres at this point are sub optimal for sorting by genre because there are just SO many different genres with the genre/genre/genre meth
  2. ran into an interesting error today. i let pandora ripper run for a while and when i came back it had claimed every clock cycle and resource that it could.
  3. would it be possible to change the location of where the music is ripped to instead of just the desktop? or is this already possible and i am just R tarded
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