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  1. I have just recently started using Pandora's Jar. Prior to that I had been pulling songs out of Firefox's cache when I came across one that I really liked. That got tedious rather quickly what with the renaming files, adding ID3 tags, and a good portion of the songs apparently just not being cached. Anyway I really like how the foxytunes extension will display what song I'm listening to on Pandora without my having to look at the tab I'm running it in. The problem is that foxytunes won't recognize that hxxp: localhost:8085/ is a Pandora tab. If I open up Pandora regularly and then pause it foxytunes will readily read the track information from Pandora's Jar but once I close the other Pandora tab it won't do so anymore. I tried editing foxytunes. jar so it would display the track information from Pandora's Jar but all that did was cause problems since I don't know javascript. If anyone can tell me how to fix foxytunes to work with Pandora's Jar I'd be rather appreciative.
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