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  1. dont forget the ie tab add-on. works great if you want to use firefox but your webmail server is microsoft exchange.
  2. I know it isnt original but I still like it. just needs a degrading comment about windows.
  3. I think just about everyone can agree the best way to learn linux is to READ. then play, then read some more. Doesn't really matter what distro you choose, it is all just personal preference really. do you want CLI, KDE, GNOME,... there are so many different distros and ways to configure and run them. Curiosity is the best way to learn about them. forcing yourself to use them helps also. basically all linux works the same. they have a kernel, boot loader, window manager, packet manager, ect... I know that was kinda veg but they are all very similar yet very different. Google what you want to know, read what you can find and play with what you can. i am currently running Sabayon (new install) on my laptop to check out the differences and features it offers. As a Net Admin of a windows network it is very easy to jump back to windows and forget about linux. ok so not forget cause then it would haunt me. Thanks to the very nice Portable Ubuntu application i am now running a few linux tools along with my vista install. I always like linux better for securty testing. Windows will always have its place on my GameBox though.
  4. I am going to put my vote in as conficker being part of a conspiracy. it is just another way for the man (aka Microsoft) to force its updates on people and crash the not so legal versions of its OS. the government in their state of FAIL have step in with Microsoft to create the "task force" to find the viruses creators. bribery with a 250K reward and scare tactics added in with April fools hype are what is driving them to success. Who knows mac and nix might be involved as well, where else would they create such a devius virus as conficker? Windows would just Bluescreen and they would get nowhere. its a thought...
  5. I have been known to style the classic "old school gaming" T with a pick of Pacman in 8 bit. countless nintendo shirts from super mario to donkey kong. although i do wear a shirt and tie to work every day i have yet to break out the pocket protector and black frame glasses with tape on them. it never fails though when i hear students talking about a new or old game i saprise most of them when i can jump in the conversation. i have often herd "What? Mr. Miller is a gamer? but he is old!" Old at the age of 28 how sad.
  6. I have an english teacher that corrects all of here papers on her tablet. students submit it via email typed and she marks it up with a pen. and even if spell check is available very few students use it that is a direct quote from our english department.
  7. Take this as you will but for all of you that dont see the pros of placing computers in students hands or how the pros out weigh the cons, well you are thinking the same as the teachers that do not want and do not use the computers in there classrooms. I work IT for a School District in South Dakota (yes we have technology up here, running water and bathrooms inside even) our highschool is in the 1:1 program. that is 1:1 computer to student ratio for those that do not know. we are in our second year of the program with our gateway (now out of buisness MPC) M285-E Tablets. we are looking at getting new computers for our incoming freshman, there is a bit of a debate over tablets vs netbook type laptops. I have been working with schools and their 1:1 program for about 3 years now. I started as a workstudy in collage (imaging and replacing parts mostly in a middle school). I also had the task of testing the security of the Highschool Image at one point. they where disapointed when i was in with admin rights in less than half an hour ( i played some before getting to work of course). I am now net admin and have 200 students with laptops and wish i had more. out of the 200 i see maybe 20 on a regular schedule it seems, some people just are not the best with computers others try to do stuff and mess them up. There have been some that have posted this as a con I however see it as a pro. the majority of learning experience you will find in life are from trying and failing. It is the failures and the perseverance that keeps us trying and learning. As for hardware, when we had a warranty from a company that was not bankrupt parts where not an issue. very little time was actually spent replacing parts ( i even had a couple students doing parts repairs). now with now warranty we are forced to use broken down machines as parts (10% extra spares came in handy). that is also a large reason as to why we are looking at new machines for next years freshman class. Hardware will break, if you compared what we do with hardware on our budget to what most companies do on there budget you may find we are ahead of the curve. Software, lets face it without it all you have is hardware! for the most part the students are allowed to use the computers for personal as well as homework. there are some restrictions on the personal usage however. Firewall that filters websites and content on the local network, along with software installed on the computers that acts as a proxy redirect for the web traffic filter off campus. school or home there are just some sites that students should be restricted from. we also have software that the students use to connect to the teacher. teachers are able to control the students computers. We are also using software for imaging the computers, I have about 4 different images between staff and students but nothing two hard to keep track off. I also use the same software to remote view students computers. If something looks out of the ordinary on the network monitor i can remote in and view what the student is doing at that time and be completely undetected to the user. Network, we are running a gig lan with Cisco APs in every classroom. APs are all connected to the wireless controller which handles user balancing on the APs and configuration of the APs. all i have to do is plug them in and connect them to the network. before that was installed users would loose signal if more than 30 users where in range of the AP at one time. The state provides a T1 line and also monitors traffic for anything that i may have missed (like 250 computers checking for adobe updates on a daily basis and eating bandwidth) for the most part everything is controled and locked down with software and GP. students for instance can not run programs (.exe, .bat, .vbs, ect...) from flash drives. This may all sound like alot but it is managable when done correctly. there are two of us in IT here and the other guy teaches some classes aswell. all in all i would say my biggest pain is monthly updates from microsoft. we are running WSUS server but just making sure they are installed can be a pain sometimes. The biggest down side to having computers and running this technolgy is not IT in my opinion. it is the lack of know how in the classroom. When you hand a student a computer and dont give them direction or instruction they will run wild with it. (or at least try to) I dont mean hacking as much as playing games or sitting on facebook, possibly even just using it as a portable movie theather. when teachers do not know how to combine the technology with their curriculum student will find other things to do on the computers. One reason i am fighting to keep the tablets over laptops/netbooks is the ability to write out homework math included. I believe if you take that function away from students then the computer looses a large amount of functionality in the classroom. I dont know that a complete renovation of the public school systems and they way they teach is neccessary. teaching the teachers how to use the tools and technology is a must however. showing a teacher how to setup there own online classroom on sharepoint or just a simple web site not only involves the students and computers but also save on paper and ink. their is alot more i could say about this subject and i am sure i will get a chance. I have used enough time out of my day SRB is coming and i am sure i will have a few students (same 20) stopping in. so far this has been a great discussion,
  8. Great posting by all/ most, I am sys admin for a school. we use a similar program Sycroneyes. i personaly hate it, it uses to much bandwidth and resources on the pcs. it has features to block students from using office or internet. basicly keeping them from googling or checking notes for answers to tests. great in theory but it doesnt work most of the time. I know there are bugs in the software as well since i have seen students hit a key combination and it logs out the program. i believe teaching proper usage is a better way then looking over sholders anyways. trust and student teacher relationships go alot further than spying.
  9. I am working on (hopeing for) some climent control in my wire closet so i can move the servers from the office. right now they are no more than 6 ft behind my desk. and it is annoying when you keep your office at 65 in december really.
  10. pic of my getto fabulous desk at work, the server rack that i cleaned up and the wirecloset that is this summers project and a pic of my cat (sleeping not dead)
  11. My name is Tim aka Timmay313 Favourite game: CSS, Crysis, Call of Duty Favourite OS: Vista (yes i like it ok!) waiting for 7 to release! Favourite console: If it plays a game i have it or had it (still have atari running) Nationality: Irish and German (a drinking problem waiting to happen) Accent: Sex: Male Age: younger than i feel most days Race: White American Height: 6' Status: single Favourite band: Depends on the day I listen to it all Favourite book: The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of the Teenage Hacker Favourite author: Favourite movie: Boondock saints! any movie that messes with your head a bit, and who doesnt like Romantic comedy really? Favourite TV Show: The Unit Favourite actor: Brad pit (loved how he plays the slightly off roles like the crazy guy in 12 monkeys) Favourite actress: kate hudson Favourite Pinup: Pinup? really? come on now Other hobbies: video games, fishing in the summer, skiing in the winter Car: 1994 Ford F250 4x4 (rusted out and running great!) Occupation: Network Admin for Public School district (attempting to guide the little hackers in the right direction!) Favorite quote: "no i am just kidding,... but seriously..."
  12. I recently aquired a thought to be fubared Fastora-T2 NAS server. It has taken a bit of work but i finally found some manuals on the system. unfortunately it is about the only support of any kind i have found. I have tested all 4 of the 750 gig seagate barracuda drives and they work great. the system boots (acourding to the lights on the front pannel and no beep codes) just fine. I am thinking that the image on the 128MB compact flash card is currupt. the card works fine when inserted into a card reader in windows. cant open the drive though or windows wants to format the drive. looking through the manual i seen that the board has a pin out for both a internal ps2 keyboard and internal CRT VGA connections. NOTE: internal so i cant simple plug in my monitor and keyboard. I have found what i think is the correct pin out to make an adapter. but i am not positive. I want to install FreeNAS on the flash card and see about getting it running. the server also has two 10/100 nics and a console port. What would be the best way to get free nas installed on the compact flash card? can i setup the system without connecting the monitor and keyboard? perhaps on a different machine then move the card back?
  13. I have found two apps now that pop up a message when installing. Daemon Tools and Symantec AV version 10.2. I am sure once the final release is out there will be a version of DTools that works and who needs AV on a windows box really? havent tied AVG yet, does anyone know if it works on Windows 7?
  14. I am have been running Vista since it was in beta, like most of microsofts products it (like all thinks) has some problems. Remember way back when 2000 and XP where release? they where also a pile of crap till updates and fixes where developed and applied. I downloaded both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 7. I first installed the x64 on my laptop ( by mistake actually, grabbed the wrong disk.) Install went fine on my HP 6730b running with 3 gig of ram and Intel Core2Duo 2.26 GHz processor. after installing any updates(yes two days after beta release there are updates) i opened the task manager to see how the resources where running. Why cant Microsoft seem to get x64 memory working? with the laptop running idle and not even having any apps installed it was setting steady at 1.67 Gig of memmory used. Reinstalling with the 32-bit version i was running better at only 678MB of memmory used at idle. I am running the os on the laptop full time and using it on the network at work. so far the only app i have found that does not install with out an error is Daemon tools. It is nice that the message tells you there are known issues and ask if you want to continue or cancel the install. Really the only complaint i have so far is IE8 (not a fan) good thing Firefox installs with no issues. Really i think that Windows 7 will be a inprovement from Vista with even more features and many of the faves (yes there are some faves). It will be a definate inprovement over the what is seeming to be ancient look and feel of XP. let face it you can only drive the car your grandma left you so long then you have to get a new one.!
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