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  1. Mew! I'm Jessica. OS: Mac OS X on the Mac, FreeBSD on everything else. Age: Quarter of a century. Gender: Female Residence: Somewhere in Washington County, Maryland I watch several TV shows and podcasts. Things like, Eureka, Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis), MythBusters, BSG. That kind of thing. Podcasts are geeky, yet entertaining. Chris Pirillo, Geek Entertainment TV, Hak5, C|Net Buzz Report, and MAKE Podcast. I have a car, too. My car is named Beastie. Beastie is a 1992 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass Edition. Beastie is green. My computers: Serval (the Mac): 2GB memory, 2x 160GB hard drives Panther (the laptop): 1808/1606/800MHz (yay powerd!), 1GB memory, 80GB SATA/150 hard drive. varus-www (the web server): 733MHz, 256MB memory, 40GB PATA hard drive varus-db (the database server): 1500MHz, 1GB memory, 80GB PATA hard drive shitbox (file server): 133MHz, 40MB memory, PATA hard drives: 6GB, 80GB Podness: 80GB hard drive Sandcat: 13MB flash (its a phone) I do web development with PHP and MySQL. My life revolves around computers, I love kitties and my boyfriend.
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