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  1. My name is Rich aka Az Favourite game: FF7, Currently Replaying Starcraft, Most Recent buy Guitar Hero 3 Favourite OS: Winblows XP for gaming, Ubuntu Mint for everything else Favourite console: PS3 Nationality: Scottish Accent: Aberdonian Sex: Male Age: 23 Race: Scottish Height: 5'10'' Status: Not single. Build: Slim to Thin Favourite band: Nirvana Favourite book: Anything informative Favourite author: I Can't have a favorite everyone has something new too add Favourite movie: Scarface Favourite director: Couldn't name you 3 Directors. Favourite TV Show: Lost/Hero's/Prison Break Favourite actor: Al Pacino Favourite Comedian: Jimmy Carr Other hobbies: Drinking, Smoking, Gaming, Hacking, Networking, BMXing, Skating, Anything with Electronics. Car: None Occupation: Ethical Hacking Student @ Abertay Dundee/Bartender.
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