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  1. Hi: What is Spotify? "Spotify is a new way to enjoy music. Simply download and install, before you know it you’ll be singing along to the genre, artist or song of your choice. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want." (http://www.spotify.com/en/about/what/) You can download it for free at http://www.spotify.com/en/. It´s similar to Pandora but you can enjoy full cd's. I didn´t find the way to rip the music with the temp files (located in C:\Documents and Settings\"User"\Local configuration\Program Files\Spotify\Storage) It would be nice that someone make an app to g
  2. Thank you birra but how does it work?. Can I use HotSpot Shield with my own internet connection? and can I use HotSpot Shield just with one Firefox window? Thank you
  3. thank you very very much hobbit. It works vperfect for me. Now I can update firefox. How can I connect to Pandora outside USA? I use proxys and proxy sel (in firefox) and it works when I find some good proxy. but sometimes the proxys work very bad (incomplete songs, bad connection,...) If somebody use a better way to connect to Pandora outside of USA please tell me. Thank you
  4. hi, I like the USB copier (it´s so easy to use). But do you know how can I make it autostart when Windows start. And If I want to copy my pen drive everytime I put it in the computer, what I have to do (I donñt want to click twice everytime I Insert my pen). thank you very much for the app and if you can make this change it will be better
  5. ok I got it. sorry and thank you very much. but.. at least, I´m sincere. I mean I can tell you I need this application to make backups of my pen drive in my computer and maybe you help me. Do you know what I mean? In any case thank you
  6. Hello everybody! First sorry about my bad english. well the thing is that I want to copy my teachers usb information. Do you know some application wich do this? You have to know that I only can access to my teachers computer in guest mode (no admin mode). So I can´t install any software in the computer (I think the solution is a portable application). Another point is that when a teacher start a class always reboot the computer so it´s important that the application startup in silence mode (you know, windows autostart application). The idea is to put this app in the teachers computer a
  7. I think (hope) Pandora Jar will fix all problems (all we can do is wait)
  8. Please, if you can, in the next version add a "Station name" folder save option in the layout. thank you
  9. what is "popup menu history" For? what´s the correct number I should put
  10. Thank you very veyr very much,... Just perfect. I think now Pandora Jar it´s history (I don´t know why people still using it). BUT there´s one problem and maybe, if you are thinking in make a better pandora rip app, you can fix this problem. The problem is that the classical music have bad files names. The Symphony N5 from beethoven has 4 movements and if you download the 1 movement from Pandora, and then the 2 movement the 1 movement will disappear from your computer because the 1, 2, 3 and 4 movements have the same filename. So you will never get the 5 symphony complete (you will get just
  11. Hello everybody. Good news!!!!! Now you can get classical music from Pandora. Well there´s a problem and maybe somebody can help. The classical music id3 are wrong, for example, you want the complete piano concerto Nº 5 from Beethoven but you will not get it complete because all movements (1, 2 and 3) have the same file name (and id3). Can someone help me?
  12. Thank you very very much.. Just perfect but I have a problem. Sometimes the song stops before finish (and then go to the next song), I think it´s not a problem from pandoraRip but I don´t know why there are a lot of my songs incomplete. It´s a problem from pandora.com? thank you (waiting for the pandorarip update version)
  13. Please can anybody tell me what file I have to edit in the pandora jar 7. 4. 0 to get the mp3 genres (and id3) and how I have to edit (what I have to change) to fix this problem. Thank you
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