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  1. This probably has already been noticed by somebody, but incase it hasn't, I thought I would mention it. I have relatively little programming experience, but judging by the source code, (correct me if I'm wrong) it appears that PJ determines what temporary ########## file goes with the current title/artist by looking at the dates of the temporary files. A problem arises when pandora creates temporary files for two songs at the same time. A problem also can arise when pandora for whatever reason does not create* a temporary file. When either of these things happen, PJ can often puts the previously played song under the current songs name, or the next up song under the current songs name. *(I've noticed it doing this a number of times, maybe it just loads the streaming data directly into the memory?). I was looking at some of the other non-mp3-data temporary files in the temporary files folder, and I noticed that the v#-# files(v13-5, etc) contained XML data that indicated what title/artist/album went with which ############ files. For example, an entry for file 4199326123490991668 <member> <name>artistSummary</name> <value>Ed Harcourt</value> </member> [bunch of other info] <member> <name>albumTitle</name> <value>Strangers</value> </member> [bunch of other info] <member> <name>audioURL</name> <value>http://audio-lev3-3.pandora.com/access/4199326123490991668?version=4&[omitted-rest-cause-its-really-long]</value> </member> [bunch of other info] <member> <name>songTitle</name> <value>Only Happy When You're High</value> </member> In the actual file, there are no line breaks; it's all blocked together. If these xml files were used to determine which ########## file to use, then it would almost certainly solve the problem of duplicate music under different titles, and perhaps it might solve whatever problem is keeping the album from being recognized. Again, I don't have near enough experience with Java to implement this idea, but what programming experience I do have tells me it probably wouldn't be too hard to implement.
  2. Is there a way to get it to tag the album? Or is that not working?
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