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  1. I have Pandora's Jar working with Flash 9!!! see my post named "Workaround for Flash 9 and future versions" -- source code is up...
  2. Flash 9 caches files in memory (under the right conditions, you can harvest mp3's from Firefox's memory cache (I was able to once, purely by luck, have not been able to recreate the circumstances again)) One can always intercept the MP3 file as it is being sent... That's where WebScarab comes in... If you don't know what WebScarab is, you must not do a lot of online application analysis (I've personally used it to cheat in forum arcades for ages :-) ) You can read more about it at it's homepage (located at hxxp: www. owasp. org/index. php/Category:OWASP_WebScarab_Project). The main featu
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