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  1. done just the same as with any other version Download File
  2. ok, here goes the whole class (you know you have to recompile the project and create a new jar, don't you?) -------------------------------------------------- package util; import org.blinkenlights.jid3.ID3Exception; import org.blinkenlights.jid3.MediaFile; import org.blinkenlights.jid3.MP3File; import org.blinkenlights.jid3.v2.ID3V2_3_0Tag; import org.blinkenlights.jid3.v2.APICID3V2Frame; import org.apache.commons.logging.Log; import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory; import java.io.*; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.Comparator; import enums.FileType; public clas
  3. the old code was for (File file : files) { if (file.getName().indexOf("access") != -1) { if (!foundBuffer) { tmpMp3File1 = file; foundBuffer = true; } else { tmpMp3File2 = file; break; } } } the new code would be for (File file : files) { try{ Long.parseLong(file.getName()); if (!foundBuffer) { tmpMp3File1 = file; foundBuffer = true;
  4. ok, it's working again, just by changing the filename test in Mp3Processor if (file.getName().indexOf("access") != -1) with try{ Long.parseLong(file.getName()); ... }catch(NumberFormatException e){}
  5. As you say, it seems to be some problem with the file names, it is searching for 'access' files when they're been called with a number (the hashcode I suppose) So let's try changing it
  6. In fact it worked yesterday, so it worked wiht the new file names. The matter is I can't recompile the source code due to this 3 classes though it doesn't seem to hard to code
  7. Hi I've been checking the source code but it seems that classes on enum package are note complete, theyre not really a class they try to be an enum but there are many things left. Would you mind updating the source code on the zip file? tanks, PS: I'm just trying to check why I get so many "access file not found", I did it work once, but never again
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