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  1. I'm totally bringing you porn with bawls on top next time i'm in town Underhole
  2. Sable is / had been out of his native country and is planning on doing alot of work when he is back. Calm down
  3. So I'm thinking hak5 meet up / drink off.
  4. sablefoxx talked me into it so I should be there. Maybe hak5 meet up / party?
  5. If you where going to use a forum like this for research purposes you would come to the forum with questions and points of clarification, not asking for a generic over arching tutorial. It is just one of multiple easily drawn conclusions that happens when some one posts asking for a simple answer to a some what complex issue. Even if you didn't want to research you could at least come to this board with a post like "Hey I have googled around and found out x. I still don't get y. Do you guys have any tips or good links?"
  6. I'm going to have to agree with moonlit on this one. There is no way this should even be an open thread, if your truly interested go look it up and actual learn the stuff. If you really did want to know about it you would research the hell out of the topic not just as for a tutorial. On the other hand if your just looking to make a botnet to show off to your friends then asking for a quick tutorial would be your best bet. To bad you will never get it here, or any other place I can think of.
  7. I have a USAF sticker and a Defcon sticker on my mac book. Look for stuff that represents you more then just looks cool.
  8. It hurts me to say it but for a gaming rig it is starting to be more cost effective to buy a name brand computer and up grade the video card through them. Even know it is un geekish of me having a warranty and a fully support rig can save alot of head acks especially if you just looking for gamin.
  9. I'm ordering my fon later this week, but has any one made their battery pack module and then rigged it with a switch and put connectors on the standard power adapter so you could easily switch back and forth between the two as necessary?
  10. I attended defcon for the first time last year, and it was my first con. Definitely worth the time, had a ton of fun, and heard some great talks
  11. nope vista so no default admin. I'm think bt4 has sata/raid drives, we will see how that goes
  12. So I'm a retard and forgot my password to my vista box. Now before every one starts flaming me and telling me to use ophcrack or one of the other million live discs that do this. Windows is installed on a raid, so ophcrack and every other distro I have tried so far cant see it. Any one have any ideas?
  13. That is what I'm doing now, just wishing there was an easier/more compact method.
  14. Ok i haven't been on the forum in a long time, but I'm in need of some help. Yes I have googled this and yes I have searched the forums for this, so if you can find something you are a god. I have a computer that is frying USB flash drives. I have played around with the box alot and have come to the conclusion that the usb controller on the the mobo must be shorting some where, because all the usb ports are giving off well over 500mA. So here is my question to the community. Is there a device out their besides wiping out a meter that can tell me the mA coming off a USB port. I'm thinkin like a usb dongle that can give some kind of visual display according to the power in the line. Thanks
  15. I got it figured out my adaptor was bad, thanks for the help guys
  16. i believe it doesn't show anything, but I will try it again once I'm in my room. thanks
  17. Going from my 7800 GT BFG card via the adapter to component cables i watch movies off my comp on my tv. It worked for close to a year and one day i moved my tv and reconnected every thing and now i cant see any images on my tv. My computer still recognizes the tv, but agian there is no image on the tv. I have tried reinstalling drivers, reconnecting every thing, forcing the card to re-recognize the tv. but nothing is working. If you have any advice let me know. thanks
  18. try spinright, from grc. i know they have been able to fix clicks every once and a while
  19. i own an R4 and love it
  20. trying to do this on friday f) Sit in on a whole CSci Class at a local college which you do not attend - 3 pnt, 4 if you do/submit the homework
  21. I'm sure there are good cops out there, but every one i have ever ran into was an asshole
  22. K0h dont get mad just because the admins are trying to control a noob heavy section of the forums
  23. I don't think it will ever be able to get the market share it needs to even be considered a fesable buy by any one out side a small niche market.
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