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  1. I blog'd about it! It's a nice vid.. My blog: www.webtrack.wordpress.com
  2. See http://gadgets.fosfor.se/firefox-3-lean-and-mean/ http://www.rlslog.net/mozilla-says-firefox...f-memory-usage/ For two test's
  3. Having to write down every pass u took from https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm Will take a crap load of time..... U could use a pass storage file use a pass from https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm And write down the master pass on a piece of paper and NEVER LOSE IT! Just an idea :O
  4. There will never be a perfect secure website :O At least i don't think so!
  5. Yes i saw this on youtube interesting !
  6. pepijntje

    USB hack

    Yay your making just the kind of batch/payload i want! That only steals passwords! I had one a time ago but it got the primary components deleted....
  7. Thanks for the reply at such short notice! How ever i try'd it still no succes i just use Win rar to unpack the files should be fin but all i see is the bin folder! Then when going in deeper i only see the pwdump.exe and stuff! Any help? Do u know any other only pass steal payloads?
  8. What are the function's of this mod And where does it store the Passwords? And does anyone know a payload (non u3 Don't care if av's can detect it) that only steals all passwords?
  9. Avg anti spyware detected Mailpassview Netcat They say it´s non malicious but could be used by a hacker to gain info...
  10. How do you mean i can´t really explain it better i try´d many payloads and there are always some with pass but loads of then are auto complete passes......
  11. How come everytime i use switchblade and other stuff i come up with logs that all say auto complete password: Then blank What i mean is the source is auto complete password sometimes a pass pops up but thats all most of the passes are Auto complete... Is there a way around this or to crack the auto complete passwords saved on a pc?
  12. Sorry to ask but is it bad if i had run this on my own computer i used the 2 antidote''s. . . . . .
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