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  1. Cynagen, Where the hell were you? Can't wait to see your executable. I hope you can do it man. LOL:)
  2. Hi all, Wildandbad website doesn't seem to work. I managed to get a cached version and pandora.beta.7.3.1 is listed there as the latest version. I don't know and couldn't find where you guys found the later versions mentioned in this forum. I could only find beta 7.3 and it has wrong filenaming/duplicate issue. I have doublechecked the installation but no luck. My mp3 folder is full of duplicated and wrong named mp3 files. I didn't even skip songs or change channels. I didn't even pause any song but after 3-4 songs it starts this behaviour. I have: uninstalled flash player 9 and install
  3. Thanks cooper, I did it, seems to work but the interface doesn't show the required images although they exist under the images folder, it displays broken images instead??? When I tried directly the grabber.html it displays fine, but not from localhost.
  4. Hi all, I've been following this thread but somewhere I lost my way. Could somebody tell me: 1- Which is the latest working version? 2- Where can I get it? 3- Anything else needed to get it working? I believe if someone can arrange a constant URL with the latest working version information, it would be clear for everyone. Thanks
  5. Damn! l couldn't save a single song before this is dead :/ I wish I found it a week before... Let's hope a new version and pray :)
  6. Thanks for your reply, but I have been trying this for at least 4 hours and the log keeps growing with the same error. "INFO Thread-2 util.Mp3Processor - access file not found trying again after 1 sec "I tried both ports 8080 and 8085 . Pandora plays fine but the rest is only watching, even it reads "grabMp3() complete" on top 2nd row :/// Cruise control reads "fetching ID3 information and tagging MP3 for artist (A.I.) song (Bottoms Up)...." but it restarts when it skips to next song. This is company network and we have firewall, do you think this may cause the problem?
  7. I think I missed the party. I've just found this hack todaay but it failed to save mp3's. Logs returned:"INFO Thread-2 util.Mp3Processor - access file not found trying again after 1 sec" as of May 31st. Any help is highly appreciated.
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