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  1. Correct. I have an actual valid domain name that I paid for, assigned the static IP to it, nothing else running except C2.
  2. Don't know how much more detail I can add, I literally followed the two videos step by step, even getting my domain from the same place. The only thing I did different, as others have also mentioned, was the video showed this as what was going to be used: ./c2_community-linux-64 but in the description of the video they updated to this, and it was this that I copy and pasted: ./c2-3.1.2_amd64_linux
  3. I tried it both ways (strangely, I did not get the “bind: permission denied” error when not using sudo.)
  4. Almost exactly like the videos but using the latest Ubuntu (20.04 LTS) on Amazon’s Lightsail server. Got the domain from Google Domains. Should I have gone with version 18.04 instead I wonder?
  5. I'm having a similar issue that I am hoping someone can help with. Followed the videos and the support info here, everything seems to be working except my domain name. It should have propagated by now and when I run the "-https" command I get the following: "[*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 v3.1.2 [*] Hostname: my-domain.com [*] DB Path: c2.db [*] Validating License [*] License Valid [*] Running Hak5 Cloud C2 [!] Webserver failed to start: listen tcp bind: permission denied [*] Shutting down gracefully [*] Server stopped" Any help is greatly appreciated.
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