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  1. topic can be closed, i'm selling bb mk2... (selling in same price that it was bought. if anyone interested, pm me.)
  2. yes, but will be great to search pc for them, in case of someone kipping them on desktop or other folders... no need of all docs... only office *.docx,pptx,pdf
  3. if i could figure out by my self, i wouldn't ask for help. if it was for illegal work, i wouldn't post in open forum... no need of hacking or stealing pws, for this stuff there million forums with ready payloads (even here)... this is just for backup... for users here that already know bb and what they are doing and what it needs, it will take couple min? for me it will take weeks... anyone here can post or pm me more updated payload repository with bigger collection? maybe will be easier making from couple payloads... thanks!
  4. Hi! can anyone help make bunny mk2 payload to backup pcs/laptops with win10pro (x64)? i need to create docs backup to bunny's SD: user name folder>3 separated sub folders ms office documents\pictures\videos (all pcs have only C, maybe 1 or 2 will also have D) need to skip if files already exists and same as in previous backup, if not to create "original file name"(date).file's extension will be great if there is no need of login... if laptop is "sleeping", do i need to "wake" him before backup? does it matter if user names in different languages?
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