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  1. Name: Brent Favourite game: Not really a gamer - tho have recently had a love affair with Portal Favourite OS: Vista and Leopard Favourite console: Theres an X-Box somewhere holding up a wonky table (see 'favorite game' above) Nationality: Australian Accent: Queens English (From Adelaide originally - where we are born with plumbs in our mouths) Sex: Where? Are you offering??? Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to be able to still do it. Race: Im not very competitive Height: 5'8" Status: Single Build: Slim to middling Favourite book: Contact by Carl Sagan Favourite author: see above Favourite movie: Contact (well, obviously), Hairspray (2007 version - John Travolta in drag is just a SCREAM!) Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who (plus spinnoffs Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, etc etc), Hyperdrive, Heroes, Journeyman, House Favourite actor: Hugh Jackman Favourite actress: Nicolle Kidman Favourite Comedian: Rove McManus Occupation: Technical Support/Systems Admin Contractor
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