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  1. Hi guys, i have a usb dumper file from http://www.usbhacks.com/2006/10/06/usb-dumper/. However, the only problem is that my ANTI VIRUS detects this file. How can I hide it? there is another version of usb dumper which has been protected by PC GUARD but it is not very useful since it can only be run on administrator account but not on guest accounts. You can find the file here---> http://www.secuobs.com/USBDumper.rar My question is how do i get the usb dumper file running on a guest account without being detected by the Antivirus. I would be grateful if you guys could help me. see ya
  2. hi guys, Basically i need a usb dumper file on my notebook which cannot be read by my AntiVirus. this way i it will make a backup each time when i plug in my usb drive. However, somehow my Antivirus detects it each time and this is annoying. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?? Does anyone have the program usb backup or usb dumper which cannot be read by an AV? Also how do i make copies as cdimages?
  3. how can i use cdimage to dump the USB key as a disc image?
  4. how can i make it invisible? do you know how to do it with pc guard?.
  5. it is set to copy data from my USB.
  6. HI guys, I downloaded usb dumper and tried to execute the exe but somehow it does not want to work. An error message comes up saying DEMO APPLICATION v1.00 ERROR CODE: 000000005. Is this because the computer is restricted and I need to login as admin or what is the reason for this error message. Is there any alternative to USB DUMPER which can be downloaded from here http://www.secuobs.com/USBDumper.rar
  7. hi guys, can you tell me where i can get the file usb backup from tom bell. somehow i cant find it on the web.
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