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  1. I've almost got a clean build to begin testing on OS X and start finding some bugs. I was able to get it to work in Firefox,Camino and Safari. I've been busy at work, and have a paper to write for class tonight. Hopefully I can put it up sometime tomorrow. Thanks to anyone who's already contacted me and expressed interest in testing it out. :D
  2. I run OS X (10.4.6) and was a bit bummed that this thing didn't seemingly work with firefox or safari. So I got down and dirty with my rusty java skills (been a few years since I last worked with java) and was able to get it working with Safari. Everything seemingly works "out of the box", but would like it to be tested by others before i "release" it. If anyone out there using OS X who was unable to get this to work and would like to help me test please PM me or reply. Major props to the original author. :D Thanks!
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