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  1. OK, so in a previous hak5 episode they talked about installing smoothwall. I have a CF to IDE adaptar and i have installed Smoothwall 3.0 however it will not boot. It uses LILO to boot and i suspect this is the problem. I want to put grub on it however im not sure how to install it. If someone does know of has any ideas let me know.
  2. Ok so my cdrom is on the fritz, ill pick one up on mondy from work. But in the meantime i guess i will part with my usb drive and use it. So im using just the regular GUI install. First i tried without chaing the partition setings. Just used the default settings. Also, i reinstalled the grub boot loader on the Cf card from the livecd. The fdisk readout says its marked as bootable. The fstab.conf looks normal. I am going to try and partition it so that their is no swap partition. I read somewhere that the swap could be the problem. Damn CF card, why cannot it be simple?
  3. Ok, after doing a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 and rebooting, I cannot boot into Ubuntu. It doesn't even go into the grub boot loader. Can i put a diffrent boot loader on? Or repair the existion grub bootloader? The fstab on the CF looks fine but i cannot find the lilo.conf in the /etc/ dir on the CF.... This thing is drivingme crazy.
  4. Ill rebuild my test rig and try it out on saturday. Thanks for the info.
  5. Its a livecd install. So edition the lilo command will make a new boot cfg? and i do this after install right?
  6. I used Gparted to make it bootable. It shows up as a HD in the bios and the boot order is correct. Is their a fixmbr command equivalent in linux?
  7. Ok so I have CF to IDE adapter and a Kingmax 4GB CF card. When I try to install Ubuntu on it or any OS Distro, it wont boot. So something is obviously wrong with either the MBR of the boot config files. Can someone tell me how to make the CF bootable? It will install through the LiveCD but on boot does nothing on boot. I know Hak.5 had aired a Smoothwall episode and used a CF to IDE adapter. Just wondering if they had any problems with the install? I am using a Intel DG845 something but I don't think the MOBO matters. Any help is appreciated!
  8. kidstar64


    antecs wattage calcuator http://www.extreme.outervision.com/powercalc.jsp
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    ok so im shopping for a UPS however im confused about the whole volt/amp thingy. I have a 750 watt psu but oonly using about 550. I dont need this UPS to boot from a cold start however when the power goes out, i want it to shut down my computer. would a 750 volt amp be sufficent? I have talked to some people about it and they said that it should be fine but im still not 100 percent. Thanks in advance
  10. Still dosent beat mozzila however, the average user would probally prefer its minimal design which will make google another "all in one" company offering a product for everything.
  11. Congratulations, your dead body is worth $4930!
  12. Anyone have the Hak5Live 007 vid. The current one was uploaded without audio.
  13. although i agree that this is the only way to be completely sure, the program dosen't need to be 100 percent, just for the common sassers and such.
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