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  1. Name: Jeremy AkA Invisibl Favourite game: never played games. Hate em for myself. not for others Favourite OS:used mac os since system6. . til nov last year. liking windows now. Favourite console: non used Nationality: kiwi Accent: kiwi Sex: Male Age:double most of yous plus some Race: slowly Height: 6' Status: married Build:hung like a house Favourite band: still looking Favourite book: as above Favourite author: as above Favourite movie: any that i have worked on Favourite director: N/A Favourite TV Show: simpsons Favourite actor: N/A Favourite actress: N/A Favourite Pinup: Favourite Comedian: Steven Wright Other hobbies:making music. smoking weed. Car: BMW740i. BMW535i Occupation: Lvl3Desktop I been lurking here and reading up a bit lovin some of the humour and definitly the wisdom and insite I gotta long way to go til I master the art of the M$ domain at enterprise level. I want to eventually be capable of white hat/networksecurity/forensic type shit. hence me being here. we'll wait and see. . . . . .
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