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  1. I have been Pandora Timeshifting with you guys for years now and you never cease to amaze me with your programmins skills. I wish I could help, but it's just not in my skill set. I started using PS2 yesterday and it is performing flawlessly. Thanks. Quick question though: I have been using a remote desktop application that has now stopped connecting. Coincidence or related? If somebody can tell me if they are possible related, I'll take it from there. Thanks again for the hard work you put in on this. A donation to the cause is on the way.
  2. I would be interested in giving your program a try. I have been successful using the darkone standalone version in manual mode. When the current song gets to about 75%, the status bar at the bottom of the window changes to something like "transferring data from www.pandora.com" I wait another 10 seconds and then hit the "grab this track" button. It gets the right song title, but I have to manually enter the album info. Any improvements would be appreciated. I'm not a programmer, but would be willing to help test and provide feedback. You can email me at jwaldrep@nc.rr.com.
  3. OK. My computer got hosed, so I had to reload everything from scratch. I reloaded the Darkone standalone version which I always use only in manual mode. I never turn on cruise control. I immediately began getting the shifted song tagging problem. I found a post about editing the java file and replacing a "1" with a "0". Sorry I can't remember where it was. It didn't fix the problem. The only way I can get it to work consistently is to wait until the last few seconds of the song and then hit the "grab this track" button. Hope this helps somebody.
  4. I'm using the standalone version from here: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,6014.90.html and it is working great.
  5. I think I read on their web site that you only get a certain number of skips per day. (10?) Has to do with their license agreement so they aren't classified as a music on demand service.
  6. Mmmmmmmm.........guns. What happened to the dudes neck?
  7. I guess he intrigues me because he was so obviously a loser - spent most of his life in and out of jail. Yet he was still able to exert enough influence over a group of people to convince them to kill just because he said so. That's got to be the ultimate definition of charisma.
  8. It had to be 32K. I think at that time a Meg was a mythical measurement of memory that we could only dream about. Hey Manuel, Don't overthink it. In college, I was told more than once I looked like the dude. So I kind of ran with it. It just gets attention and starts conversations. I hang out a lot on the Opie and Anthony message boards. If you're not over the top over there, you never get noticed.
  9. Thanks. I use it on the Opie and Anthony message boards. Lots of these guys (and girl) won't know who it is. (Hint: "Helter Skelter") Edit: damn, I hope I got this corrected before anybody saw it. I'm not senile.
  10. Yes, it's rude. But I'll tell you anyway. Just kidding. I'm 51. My first computer was a Commodore 64. I was on the Internet before there were all these pretty pictures. You had to piece together programs to get on. You really had to want it to get on in those days.
  11. It would scare you to know how much money I make. I had my say, let it be. If these people are willing to hold your hand, so be it.
  12. Maybe it's just me, but I thought that - by definition - someone who is hacking should be able to figure a couple of things out for themselves and certainly should know how to use a command prompt. I am by no means a computer whiz and I was able to figure it out by reading the posts. You people have incredible patience. If you've got to have a step-by-step recipe to get the thing working, you're not qualified to be running it. Flame out.
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