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  1. Name: Chris aka Vikaon

    Favourite game: er css, halo, fable, trackmania, bf2

    Favourite OS: only ever used windows

    Favourite console: non prefer pc

    Nationality: English

    Accent: none

    Sex: Male


    Race: White

    Height: 6'4"

    Status: single

    Build: Average

    Favourite band: Muse

    Favourite book: don't know

    Favourite author: N/A

    Favourite movie: Fight club

    Favourite director: N/A

    Favourite TV Show: Heroes, house, sg

    Favourite actor: N/A

    Favourite actress: N/A

    Favourite Pinup: Elisha Cuthbert

    Favourite Comedian: Steven Wright

    Other hobbies: Gaming, watching films, drinking beer with mates

    Car: Test on 2nd of october

    Occupation: Bum, hobo, full time student, what ever you wanna call it

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