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  1. ok Nvm i found out where the log goes but I have another problem when i config. your payload it and run it on my own machine it dosent give me all the stuff i told it to dump into the log file. im useing windows xp pro.. anyone know what the problem may be?
  2. Im going to ask you an stupid question but ive installed your payload v2.0 followed all instruction for downloading and installing .. I put sbconfig in the flash partition and all of that but i have no cluw where this is dumping the information from my own system is it going to my email or what i dont understand help...thanks
  3. If you think the person stealing the flash drives are using them at your place of business. You could write a batch that installs itself into there start up folder and Net sends messages to the whole network...i'm sure they wouldn't be able to explain there self and they might even get fired if you had the batch run its self in a loop.
  4. Never under estimate the power of the floppy :P really I just use them because allot of older machines do not support usb booting..there for I use floppy's to allow my machines to boot up from my usb :P
  5. Well my hacker kit is small and compact...and in it i carry.. 4x floppy disk 1x Usb floppy drive 4x Usb drives 1x 6gb Seagate usb drive 1x Leatherman Micro tool 1x Generic Micro tool 1x zippo windproof lighter 1x serial floppy drive and thats pretty much it not much i cant get into with it..
  6. I'm not gonna give you no commands or nothing but if you wanna key logger...just go buy the" Key ghost"....Google that.. spend you about 60 bucks....if you need it bad enough...
  7. what windows are they running you may not have to do all that?
  8. Didn't you write that batch Pic rip? well the batch i'm going to try and start working on is going to be a recycle bin recovery ripper. what im basically looking for is away to quickly and simply auto recover the bin...have it save to a log folder (or usb drive) ...then Email the folder to my email basically the same thing your pic rip is except with recycle bin recovery...
  9. As far as i can tell that directory don't exist? any other ideas?
  10. Ok id like to just start by saying this is my 1st post on this site :D but thats beside the point. I was wondering if any of you all know of any programs that recover the recycle bin and possible gives me the option to store it in a log folder.
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