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  1. ^Oh, you mean ask the user for it. lol? Anyways, is it possible? If so, please tell me how!
  2. ^I try and pride myself on being straightforward! :D Can you tell me how I can make my elevate my account to superuser level? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  3. ^Any tips on how I can get as fit and as 'good with my balance' as that guy? :mad:
  4. ^Autorun.inf? & Command Prompt's?
  5. I'm not sure! If it is, is there a way to get it, then steal the Firefox passwords?
  6. Hello! I got this error when trying to follow the guide on the wiki (http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/Switchblade_Packages#FireFox_Password_Stealer), I have tried all of the ways that were suggested. Here is the error I got on the first; Here is the error I got on the second; And here is the error I got on the third; (Can't find that particular error) Please help me! Thanks in advanced, USBHacker
  7. !!! I got this error; By panarchy at 2007-09-28 Please help! Thanks in advance. USBHacker
  8. Has this been released yet? Does it dump Windows Product Keys?
  9. Here is what I've done so far, but I've gotten a little bit stuck. I don't know why it isn't working. http://www.mediafire.com/?bgj9m0umeak Thanks in advanced, USBHacker PS: I have taken out the gmail accounts and passwords, because I don't want spam/hackers. PPS: meiafire didn't let me upload just the zip, so I put the zip inside a rar archive.
  10. Since I have not found a USB to do what I need it to do, I have decided to make it myself I am trying, but I need to know some basic coding first. 1. How do I make a bat (batch) command so that they won't see the command prompt window 2. Is there a better code, cause this code looks a bit messy; Thanks in advanced, USBHacker
  11. I know that! It's just that I needed it ready by today, cause of.... don't worry, but it was really important for me to get it by today. Thanks anyway USBHacker
  12. It doesn't seem to work to well. It didn't give me IE Passwords or FF passwords. And it showed me command prompt and the commands it was doing when I double clicked on myUSB. How do I make it so that cmd is hidden from view, and that it gives me IE & FF passwords?
  13. If this works without U3 then I have found it! http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,6746.0.html and then I will use the gmail thingy here http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,7222.0.html
  14. Sorry guys, but the only thing I have found that does what I want to (well basically) is Obi-Wahn's Switchblade but I need U3 for that, and I don't have U3
  15. But seriously, I would like some help with this! If you know of a combination of different packages that will allow me to do this, please tell me.
  16. Actually what would be more appropriate is; USBHackerWannabee lol
  17. Hi Everybody! I got a really interesting idea... can someone make (or if it has already been done, then link) some files to put onto my USB (non-U3) that will; 1. Save the product keys onto a log file 2. Save the admin (current logged in user) password or hash to a log file 3. Save IE Passwords to a log file 4. Save IE History to a log file 5. Save FF Passwords to a log file 6. Save FF History to a log file 7. Save MSN/WLM passwords to a log file Oh yeah, and I need this to do it all, without me having to open something, I just want to plug the device (USB 'Flash' Frive) in, and let it do it's magic. 8-) Thanks in advanced, USBHacker PS: I have seen a few of these things around, but ones that only do a few of these, none that do all of these. Please reply! Thanks in advanced!
  18. Well anyways, I've ended up using SwitchBlade Alternative by Siliverenion. (1.3) Hope it will work!
  19. Awesome! Thanks mate, that is exactly what I wanted! Can you recommend the best one for finding out passwords (the current logged in user would be my highest priority)? I don't have a U3 USB. Thanks in advanced, USBHacker
  20. I suggest everyone watch this youtube vid: I saw it in Hack5 Episode 2x07 (well the link to it anyway) That is so awesome! I wish I could be like the guy in the vid.
  21. Hello! Is it possibly to remotely (from my computer to theirs) hack someones computer, finding out there passwords? Or to put there passwords onto a usb that I put into there USB port? I think that both of these things could be possible, just by getting the file that stores the LM (or whatever) Hashes. Then using that online rainbow table thingy (like OPHCrack but online, that stores 60GB of Rainbow Tables or something like that) to crack the Hashes? Thanks in advanced, USBHacker
  22. Haha! I feel like such an idiot Not reading the wiki... PS: Is there a way to find out that user's password (the one currently logged in) just by plugging in a USB Flash Drive?
  23. Yes the without the equals one is the one that works. Now my USBHacksaw is completley in working order! ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ Time for a question! How do I use the files? How do I use it to make it show the user's password? I have downloaded the RAR's and it's parts from my gmail account, how do I use them? (I have IZArc so I can open them alright!) Thanks in advanced, USBHacker
  24. ^Sorry about the PM :-? And about that other thing, can someone else please help me? I would like to know whether there is a space after = or not. Thanks in advanced, USBHacker
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