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  1. I lost my USB on the bus a few months ago (1 month actually) It was my claymore, with a log of my computer still on it. I have reset all my passwords (of course) but I would still like to be able to delete all my logfiles (and if possible everything!) Is this possible? Thanks in advance, USBHacker PS: It's not the passwords I am worried about, it is the product keys of my computer!
  2. Doesn't work. Well the autorun doesn't. Please fix.
  3. Lockpick, snacks and drinks? Sounds good :D
  4. Thanks sablefoxx! Downloading it now! PS: Is there one that will change the cursor and theme as well?
  5. Can I have the real thing? Can you give it to me, like in a zip or something?
  6. Nice idea! Please add the latest one (the one with update bat's) to mediafire! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  7. USBHacker

    Hak5 Utility

    Comp management doesn't work. Please fix Also, add the run button (as one of the buttons) Thanks USBHacker
  8. Also, try Abyss (X1 of course) Abyss Web Server It's a really good one, free (choose X1!), and supports all (I've only had trouble with one protocol, and that is php. Use it ;) USBHacker
  9. ^Is it better now :shock: Anyways, can you please help me out?
  10. USBHacker

    Hak5 Utility

    Very nice idea 8-) Nice work! You should make another version though with; No pic (or to be able to chose between having a pic and not having one) Ability to make a new user - this was included in the original Utilman.exe (unless that controluserpasswords2 thing will work with the cmd) Music (if you can be bothered, no need to take this last point seriously!!!) That my 2 cents ;) Good luck, keep up the good work! USBHacker
  11. Hello! I have some mac's where I work (not the newest one, but the one with that bottom cool thingy, MAC OSX) And I want to know if there is anything I can do to hack the passwords on it, I have one of the usernames, if that is of any help. I know on PC's there are heaps of ways to hack (easiest of which is using a Rainbow Table bootdisc, or a USB Switchblade [like my one!]) And I want to know, if it is possible to do that on a mac. I need to crack the password Or (if it doesn't work out) create a new user. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  12. ^.... Why even mention that name on a forum... delete that comment. What is my old username, do you think?
  13. Back on that Ultiman thing, it worked for me when I put it on the desktop. I didn't need to put it in my desktop. ttyl USBHacker
  14. ^http://www.mediafire.com/?fy0b3m1vdzz ;) PS: Since I did this for you, can you please upload all these stuff for me? If not, that is also ok.
  15. becuase ban evasion is a bad thing and you pissed everyone off the last time you were here I was the leading voice in banning him last time, but as I said, I ban problems, not people. What is that supposed to mean?
  16. Hello! Torrents have been disabled at my school by the admin. :( Can someone please tell me how I can get around this? They have also blocked IRC (which I sometimes use to download anime) Please tell me how I can 'hack' this, Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  17. Okay, well thanks guys! Remember to check out my USB Claymore! Panarchy
  18. Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to remotely, do everything that my USB Claymore can currently do? I remember hearing about something like that on this board somewhere, but I forget where, and I don't know if it is as versatile as my USB Claymore. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  19. Also, sometimes it is possible to get around that by using a 3rd party regedit. I use RegAlyser. It's a fun & easy way to re-enable the run button in the start menu, cmd and some other things! :D USBHacker PS: Can someone please put all the required files for this hack, into a zip (or some other archive format) and host it onto some server (mediafire is a good one), and give me the link? Or save it as an attachment on this forum? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  20. Hello! I have decided to make my own 'distribution' of other USB SwitchBlades... so I have come up with this! USB Claymore Alpha 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?ax0tuecmov5 NOTE: This will go from Alpha, too beta, then to RC, then release (I hope!) Version History (PUBLIC) - Updated all Nirsoft programs - Added features - Firefox password stealer - Mozilla History 'Shower' - And much, much more! - Added Hide System Files and Hidden files reg & bat. (from AMISH payload, I think) ________________________________________________________________________________ Still to come; - Send the logfile to (and from) gmail. Current bugs (That I know of!) - Firefox password stealer doesn't seem to work - Mozilla History stealer doesn't always work __________________________ Please tell me what you think of this so far! And please tell me (or give me ideas) on how I can fix the bugs, and if you have found anymore. USBHacker 8) PS: This is based around the "Switchblade alternative 1.3" by Silivrenion & I have taken some things from the AMISH Payload (I think)
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