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  1. I don't know C or C++ (but I am slowly learning) but I know a bit of python, so I should be able to edit it fine, once you have added the feature to silently run go.cmd. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  2. ^Yay! Thank you! Um... can you help me out? You said you could make it stealthier... can you?
  3. But it's my last year! I want to go with a bang!
  4. Don't know how :( If someone gives me it, I can add features though!
  5. Okay, I'll try. But in the meantime, can someone please contact him and ask him to check out this topic? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  6. Okay. Is apache free? Is it easy to use? Does it support python? I have seen that it is widely used, does it have an installer? I want to test it out! PHP is at the heart of Cross Platform compatibility these days. What works when coded in PHP on Linux, works when placed on any other server running PHP, wether it be Windows based or some other flavor of *nix. It was meant to make things easier, not harder. When migrating from a test box to the live thing, all you need to do is copy the pages over from one box to the other and your done. Anything that cannot run PHP is not even worth the time if you want ease of use and flexibility. I have only just started learning it and already see how much easier it makes things. Especially when your doing work for someone and you need to make sure that it works when you move it from your test box to the live website. It's meant to be able to configure with php (http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws/php.html) but that guide didn't work for me for some reason. It might work for you, if you tried. There's an idea... Use a web server that doesn't support the most supported server side scripting language (and possabley the most used.) Nothing wrong with that idea. It's meant to be able too, didn't work for me, might work for you; http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws/php.html Good Luck! USBHacker
  7. Hello! I was wondering how I could create a user on my school network/server? Does anyone know how? (without going to the core admin, and talking to them, of course) I know the name of the server (which at this time, I will say is PANARCHY, it is not PANARCHY but it is another name, all in caps.) Thanks in advance, USBHacker PS: Maybe this is possible with VBScript?
  8. I have PMed silivrenion here, and on his myopera page. I haven't got a reply yet. If anyone knows how to contact him, please give me the details, or ask him to reply to this thread. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  9. ^Oh? Sure... do you want a USB Claymore that does the same? Also, can you give me the links on how to make a non U3 USB a U3 USB? I want to make at least one of my usb's U3. Thanks in advance, USBHacker PS: Release coming soon!
  10. That magnify code, looked pretty good. How do I use a code like that to replace Notepad2 with notepad? I can do it (and have) but it takes lots of ctrl+v. like maybe a hundred times of pressing ctrl+v. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  11. USBHacker

    Hak5 Utility

    Well? Is there going to be a new version released?
  12. Does anyone have the source code of go.exe from the USB payloads (switchblade)? I want to add some more features to it, but I don't have the source code :( If someone has the source code, or knows how I can make it, please tell me/give it to me! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  13. Sure! [autorun] icon=folder.ico action=Open folder to view files shellexecute=cheeseman.exe Enjoy! :D
  14. I've already got that! I am just wondering how to do that same thing, with a USB.
  15. thanks a heap! Uploading 167 music files now (just 1 album of Dead Kennedys, and all (all albums) of Weird Al Yankovic), then I'm going to upload the entire works (all albums) of They Might Be Giants, then I will upload all of Dead Kennedys (all albums except for the one I mentioned first). :D Thanks! USBHacker PS: All in all, I will be uploading almost my entire music library, a total of 694 songs. PPS: Someone can close this topic now Note: I will also be uploading the latest Tom Lehrer albums (3 disc set, the remains of Tom Lehrer) & a song by nightmare, and a remake of a Dead Kennedys song by Dramaramal. Wish me luck 8)
  16. Hi! I was working on this idea today, and was wondering if anyone else is interested in it? I will include everything in the USB Spraycan (after asking the author for permission) and everything in the USB Claymore plus I will make the hide system files and hide hidden files also work. I will also add the open drive feature, that I have seen (as well) in other payloads. :pirate: I hope you like this idea, if there is anyone that likes this idea, tell me so on this topic, and I will host (what I have done) the payload onto mediafire. Cheers :D, USBHacker :ninja:
  17. Okay! Here it is: LINK REMOVED.
  18. ^Great to hear! Can you tell me which version of knoppix you used? Or can you upload your personal (USB) version of it to mediafire (or the like) for me (and anyone who might also want it)? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  19. Okay, I fixed it, it's uploading to mediafire now; Updated; autorun.bat Added; folder.ico so that the USB 'folder' icon is now the folder icon, seen in other USB 'hacks'. Hope you will like it! USBHacker
  20. Thanks. I'll try it out now! (hopefully it will work now :D)
  21. Damn... well thanks anyway can anyone help me here? With remotely deleting the files?
  22. What was it called again? He said it had an iTunes interface... Thanks in advance, USBHacker
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