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  1. ^What version of mac is that? WinMac? Hehehe, nah, nice theme, you'd fooled me (till I had a closer look with the zoom function on FF)

    Thanks for all the replies guys.

    When I get a chance, I'll put all the movies whose titles (or IMBD page) look good, and put them into notepad, print it out then rent it :rolleyes:


    I'll tell you what I think of them once they're rented.

    Thanks once again


  2. All of them. Browse for filenames that look interesting to you. If something turns out not to be interesting then choose another. It's not like there's a shortage.

    Thanks, I will do that.

    Be quick though, the welcome message says they will be deleting files somewhere in July... Hopefully they've been lazy!


    Better download them this week...

    Thanks for the info!


  3. Hackers





    Pirates of Silicone valley



    Real genius

    Office space


    the new die hard movie (die hard or live free?)

    The matrix

    Enemy of the state

    have not seen the anti trust yet, is it any good?

    Anti-Trust is all right... though it was a little... dunno, but wouldn't recommend watching it, unless you have nothing else to watch :rolleyes:

    And thanks for the list of movies guys!

    The ending of GITS was clichéd? What?

    Just the way the commentator said it... I didn't like it, and though it cliché. Also it all happened to quickly...

  4. ^Meh, it still made me side with Kevin...

    I didn't think so when I watched it a few weeks ago. You do know that most of the story about Kevin Mitnick told in the movie is completely wrong, don't you? They made this movie while he was in prison for doing small things like looking at some code inside a company or copying some software (without ever distributing it!).

    Go watch the movie "Freedom Downtime" by the 2600 Crew to get an other look at the Mitnick-Case and find out how it really went down. The Takedown-people showed the media an image of Mitnick that just wasn't true.

    As to what hacker movies I like: Enigma is a great one. Just watched it a few days ago and it's very interesting.

    Ghost in the Sheel is also one of my fav. movies. I generally don't watch anime, but GitS is really great!

    Sneakers is another one I really like.

    Saw a bit of that documentry... up to the bit where they were protesting in front of Miramax.

    Ghost In A Shell was good... though the ending was a little to cliche. I generally watch anime, and lots of it!

    Hmm... there was this one anime about hacking I saw a while ago... forget what it was called. Maybe someone can remember? A girl was hacking without even know it, in actual fact someone was hacking for her... a hacking group.

    Maybe it was Ghost In A shell... :lol: that'd be funny!

    Anyways, thanks for the info guys, I'll watch sneakers, Sword Fish, WarGames & Live Free or Die Hard. (I've already seen the others).

    And as for binrev being a good list... seriously, anti-trust didn't compare to Hackers or Takedown...



    PS: Thanks again!

  5. Hello!

    Last week I rented Anti-Trust, and Takedown.

    (Takedown was a great movie!)

    And previously I have seen the movie Hackers (which I am pretty sure was where Hak5 got there "Trust your Technolust" slogan) which was also pretty good.

    I'm interested in watching some more hacking movies, any recommendations?

    Please reply with suggestions, as I want to rent some more today!

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Hi

    Yesterday in class people were giving me stuff on there USBs and I was giving them stuff on there USBs, and almost all of them had a VIRUS (including the autorun)

    So I right-click explore, deleted the RECYCLER folder and autorun.inf

    On 4 different USBs!


    They didn't even know they had it!

    What's the world coming to?

    BTW: The course I'm doing is an IT course (on networking)... and we're already one semester into it. I thought they should be a little smarter?

  7. Hello!

    I'm interested in escalating permissions on a windows XP Pro computer.

    It is an account which is connected to a domain.

    I have access to command prompt.

    I have access to all files (I believe) on my local drive (C:, including C:\WINDOWS). But I don't think I can delete anything.

    I tried removing restrictive policies using Dial-A-Fix, didn't work.

    Tried using Regedit, didn't work.

    Tried the command line registry editor... also didn't work.

    I have been able to create an Administrator account on the computer in question.

    Though when I got to control userpasswords2, my roaming account isn't listed there.

    Please give me suggestions on how to elevate my permissions.

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Hi

    My internet isn't very slow, but it is to slow to go on youtube to watch the eps, and when I try using DownThemAll to download either the XviD or WMP downloadable video, it is unsuccessful (give me missing size errors after been downloading for a few minutes)

    So what I am asking for is for all Hak5 Episodes (or at the very least only the most recent ones) to be 'hosted' or (for lack of a better word) seeded.

    As I have seen some episodes in the past and find them fun/educational.

    So please 'seed' a torrent (or a few torrents) and give me/the hak5 community the link

    Thanks in advance


  9. Hahaha, pwned!

    Oh, that reminds me, last year (my last year of school) I used my claymore against a high up teacher, and got his passwords... including the one to the online student grading system!

    Let's just say I got 6 As in the end of year report ;)

  10. ^Thanks!

    I'm 99% certain your thinking of the same program and episode I am!

    Help me look for it (please!)

    I'll be looking through some eps, (actually watching them) to see if I can find it...

    (Oh, and if anyone else can think of it, please tell us!)

    Thanks in advance,


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