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  1. ^I agree. Before I even knew of the whole story of him and watched the movie, I loved it, and I was actually taking his side till the end!!! Well made movie...
  2. Hi, Couldn't seem to work out the installation and compilation of aircrack-ng. (on Windows) I have tried using command prompt (said ./configure wasn't found) I have tried using Cygwin (got heaps further, but then it didn't recognise the move command). How should I go about doing this? Should I just use linux or mac? (both of which I have installed on my computer as well as XP 64-bit) If at all possible, I'd rather not, just because well I find it easier to navigate around windows... and it is also better to use for various other reasons (for this kind of thing). Please recommend to me what I should do next. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  3. Thanks I'll use MYSQL, since all computers on the network have it installed. Quite a bit of coding involved I guess It should all be written in C++, right? (I gathered this from your avatar) Sorry, just real confused Thanks for the help so far, Please reply! USBHacker
  4. Hmm, okay, thanks. My purpose is to show the insecurites of Symantec. (corporate edition or whatever) Now that you know the AV, can you recommend me a keylogger that won't be detected by Symantec? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  5. Thanks guys. I'll see if I can get aircrack to work for me.
  6. Hello I am wondering if there is a good way to remote keylog on and over my network? And how to protect my network against it? I am using Windows Server 2003 with XP Pro Workstations. I am interested in the tools used to remote keylog on a network (locally). Please tell me which ones to use, and how to protect the network against them! Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  7. Okay, thanks. BTW: Still waiting for suggestions!
  8. Hello! I have an old laptop, with linux (ubuntu) installed, but I can't find the driver that will make my wireless work! But I did (finally) find drivers for XP. So what I would like to find is wireless hacking utilities for XP. As I would like to test the security on my wireless networks (one is WPA one is WEP) Please suggest some! Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: On another note, I hear the Open-PSK offers the best wireless encryption, is this true?
  9. Fact of life: No one should use Symantec.
  10. Enemy of the state was the only one I rented. Good movie. :D I didn't rent swordfish, cause when I looked at the cover, I remembered I'd seen it before. Same with Die Hard 4. As for the rest, the video store didn't have 'em.
  11. Hi Guys I put it all into Notepad (well, Notepad2) that is, all the ones I haven't seen! Here is the list; WarGames 1 & 2 DieHard 4 Office Space BBS: The Documentary Disc 3 Untraceable Swordfish insecurity Sneakers 23 Tron Real genius Pi Enemy of the state
  12. I'm not american! Um... I dunno, I'll think about it today and get back to you.
  13. Yeah, but nah, I've got hackint0sh installed as well :P So I don't need to worry about theming :D
  14. ^What version of mac is that? WinMac? Hehehe, nah, nice theme, you'd fooled me (till I had a closer look with the zoom function on FF) Thanks for all the replies guys. When I get a chance, I'll put all the movies whose titles (or IMBD page) look good, and put them into notepad, print it out then rent it :P I'll tell you what I think of them once they're rented. Thanks once again USBHacker
  15. Hahah, really? Well there is a new Magic DVD Copier keygen (4.8) that had sweet music! I listened to it yesterday!
  16. On an (kinda) unrelated note, I LOVE KEYGEN MUSIC! :D
  17. Thanks, I will do that. Shite! Better download them this week... Thanks for the info! USBHacker
  18. ^Thanks, I'm so downloading some of that tomorrow! What do you think is the most education vid of them?
  19. Anti-Trust is all right... though it was a little... dunno, but wouldn't recommend watching it, unless you have nothing else to watch And thanks for the list of movies guys! Just the way the commentator said it... I didn't like it, and though it cliché. Also it all happened to quickly...
  20. ^Meh, it still made me side with Kevin... Saw a bit of that documentry... up to the bit where they were protesting in front of Miramax. Ghost In A Shell was good... though the ending was a little to cliche. I generally watch anime, and lots of it! Hmm... there was this one anime about hacking I saw a while ago... forget what it was called. Maybe someone can remember? A girl was hacking without even know it, in actual fact someone was hacking for her... a hacking group. Maybe it was Ghost In A shell... that'd be funny! Anyways, thanks for the info guys, I'll watch sneakers, Sword Fish, WarGames & Live Free or Die Hard. (I've already seen the others). And as for binrev being a good list... seriously, anti-trust didn't compare to Hackers or Takedown... Panarchy PS: Thanks again!
  21. If you remember the title, please tell me! Or just suggest another one ;) Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  22. Hello! Last week I rented Anti-Trust, and Takedown. (Takedown was a great movie!) And previously I have seen the movie Hackers (which I am pretty sure was where Hak5 got there "Trust your Technolust" slogan) which was also pretty good. I'm interested in watching some more hacking movies, any recommendations? Please reply with suggestions, as I want to rent some more today! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  23. Tut tut. If you do something like that, at least don't get caught! (like me!)
  24. ? K1u, good point! Joerg... well they didn't seem to know... maybe there better at being shady then me?
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