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  1. Hmm Thanks I suppose you are talking about registry keys, correct? Well then, if I needed to change registry keys, I would need to change them remotely (on the domain controller). If that is possible, please tell me how I can do it! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  2. Oh, forgot to thank you for this post! Thanks! Oh, can people please continue to recommend tools Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  3. Thanks for all help given so far, but as you can see, it still isn't working! Please help me get it to work!
  4. Decided to do some research on my own. Hope this will be helpful; http://sourceforge.net/projects/pykeylogger/ Found it, open-source (so you can just edit a few lines of it or rename variables etc. to make it work once it is detected by anti-virus programs)) It's even written in python! (which I understand much better then C++)
  5. Happy to try bruteforcing the domain, if you can tell me how! Oh, and for the readymade python script that ls kindly created for me, I couldn't get it to work. I just tried. I created a folder called Coding on my C drive. Here is everything that I have done, and attempted (much easier to give a screenshot then to attempt an explanation); Tell me what to do to get this to work! Thanks!
  6. Thanks Sorry to sound annoying, but wordlists won't help me. As most of the sites I need to do this against have losts of number, and might, just might have words... I will never know for sure if I am getting all the information. I will still use your technique, but if you think of a better way of doing it, please don't hesitate to suggest! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Ah, Thanks. Oh, and ls, how do I use your python script (the one you wrote earlier in the topic)? Please reply Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  9. Not to worry, nonetheless, thanks for putting in the effort. ;) Oh, and I still haven't completely worked it out. I think that I should use the python script written by ls... Or if someone could give me the name of a technique that could be used to make it work for me... And I'll also try the wget method that digip suggested. I'll tell you how it goes! And if you know/remember/learnt of the name of a technique that could be used for this, please don't hesitate to suggest! Thanks in advance, and thanks for all suggestions made so far, USBHacker
  10. Thanks, for all the information. I'll do my best to make it work with your method... Would it be better to use wget on windows, wget on cygwin or wget on Linux? Or wouldn't it make a difference? Please reply, thanks in advance, USBHacker
  11. I think the second question is what I want. Not just links from a certain domain, but all the URLs (if it is possible to get that!) Yes, thanks. I'm pretty sure that's what I'm looking for. Sorry if I sound stupid (I've only ever written python as backend for a website) but how do I use it? Please reply, and thanks for what you have already coded, USBHacker EDIT: Is that a default library? Thanks, I'll do as much research as I can. But you said that spidering the site won't find pages that aren't directly linked to the domain? Can you please give me a method (name) for what I can use to make this work? (or will the above python code do it for me?) Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  12. ^ U3 skills? The only U3 I use is the default one... lol Try clicking the links in my sig! No mention of a U3 version! Although, if you like I can attempt to port my Switchblade over to U3? Though I don't think that will be necessary, as there are ones out that do more than mine, for U3. USBHacker
  13. Hello! Is there a way (with an online utility, command line or a program) to find and make a list of all URLs and links that come from any specific domain? I don't know if this is possible, which is why I am asking here! Thanks in advance for any suggestions, USBHacker
  14. Hello! Is it possible to enable a disabled admin account if you only have local admin rights? And if that isn't possible, will it be possible to remotely 'dump' hashes from the DC (Domain Controller) save it to a file (on a USB or CD or Hard-Drive etc.) so that I will be able to use Rainbow tables to decrypt the passwords? Tell me if it's possible! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  15. Hmm, well thanks for the info guys. Very useful!
  16. Thanks, sorry but I forgot to post on this forum that I had found it! Since I have just gone away for the last 24 hours! But thanks anyway! USBHacker
  17. Ah, please continue to give suggestions on what program to use! And if anyone has a precompiled version of aircrack-ng for windows, please let me use it! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  18. ^Shite, that's a lot of bytes! So can you please tell me what I can do to 'break' the SSL AES 256-bit encryption so I can read the password? Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  19. Thanks man, I'll give them a try (by ethereal you mean wireshark, right?)
  20. The passwords are ones that I sniffed using wireshark. All I know is what the little blue firefox favicon feature told me: AES-256 256-bit Might as well try decrypting it with rainbow tables... so can you please tell me how I can go about decrypting it? And what to look for in wireshark so that I know which is the hash to decrypt? Please reply Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  21. Hello Used wireshark to sniff some passwords, and have been told that I'll need to decrypt them, and the best way to do that will be by using Rainbow Tables. Do I use the same rainbow tables I use for cracking windows passwords? (eg ones that I generated using Winrtgen) Please reply, as I've never done this before! Thanks in advance, USBHacker
  22. Hmm, you bring up an interesting point. Though I could always use the 'more than guest' account. Everyone knows the username, and everyone knows the password! And at first glance it looks exactly the same as a normal account. I think you can even access the same shares as the average user! So if I was going to be doing any account escalation, I would use the 'more than guest' account. Now, if you please, I am interested in how this could be done (and of course, how to do it!). As by learning to do it myself, I'll have more knowledge of what people use on there computers to escalate permissions, and I'll have more of an idea how to stop it happening. Or even if I can't stop it, it will still be very useful knowledge to have. I am training to be a network administrator... but I don't think I will continue in that job... I hope to become a White Hat Hacker with a CCNA. So please help me work out how to escalate my permissions. Thanks in advance, USBHacker
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