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  1. TOR used to be something that people used for surfing from wireless cafe's and free hotspots to secure their traffic, but its also something a lot of people block these days, as exit nodes can be monitored and even manipulated in some respect. TOR is not 100% secure or going to keep prying eyes from seeing what you are doing, but for the most part, it helps in getting to sites that might otherwise be blocked by country IP address blocks or such. I have used it in the past for that very reason, to reach sites that blocked US IP addresses. Canadians can do the same to reach US sites, so it has some usefullness, but I would't use it with respect to privacy or security. Just as a means to proxify a connection, not secure my traffic.

    Then what would you recommend?

    I wish to make myself completely anonymous (untraceable) online.

    This includes IM (WLM), IRC & HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

    Please recommend something,

    Thanks in advance,


    PS: What I've been recommended is Steganos, however I would prefer if there was a free alternative.

  2. ls;

    Sorry, but I have terrible upload speeds... if anyone else would like to torrent it, go right ahead. But I will be unable to torrent it. If there is a faster free online hosting than adrive that supports up to 4.7GB, please tell me of it. (I think adrive only supports up to 2GB)

    So... what'd you think of my distribution so far?

    You can [probably] see that there is a lot missing, and a lot that needs to be changed... so if there is anything not mentioned on my blog: http://panarchy.wordpress.com/ ... Then please tell me of it!

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Hello

    Thanks to all who gave me advice for helping me along the way.

    Now's the time for my first public release, version 0.9, of my distribution.

    For more information, see this (temporary) blog I made: http://panarchy.wordpress.com/

    I'll be very happy to receive feedback on my distribution. (either on this forum &/or on my blog)

    Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my distribution!

    Chip D. Panarchy

  4. ^Don't know if I'm understanding your right... that's helpful for things like supercomputers... right?

    You might not want to read this but I think a good way to go about this would be to use a small but powerful distro like DSL I have yet to have any issues with it. With the small footprint (about 50MB) you don't have to worry much about all the extra garbage to take out. Just look for the things you want to include and customize it. That's what I'm doin. And since DSL is a Debian based project you shouldn't have too many issues findin somethin to go on it.

    PM me and we can compare notes.

    Thanks, nice idea...

    However, one of the main reasons I'm doing this is for GNOME... so, yeah...

    But thanks for the offer!

  5. I seem to remember this been done on two big 'table-screen's over at some convention...

    And there'd be multi pointer and multi keyboard features... then he'd drag something from one screen to another... woh, it was awesome!

    I'd get one myself, if it was under a thousand... LOL

    But I think Mac is working on something like that (multi-touch) for there new OS. (last I checked, codenamed: Snow Leopard).


  6. DO NOT USE UBUTNTU, you are going to grab dependencies that you do not need. Start with Debian, no gui > install a windows manager > remove components > add software > rebuild kernel > start testing and removing other shit. Just using application manager isnt enough. I personal use Mint, a ubuntu spin off, but IMO slax is better for this kind of thing.


    Im hung over so if this doenst make sense im sorry

    I understand what you're saying.

    Those dependencies are killing me...

    Spent some of today on it, added around half the programs I need, and am already on 2.2GB.

    (Without squashfs, just right click->properties)

    So, maybe your right and I should start without a window manager.



  7. So in west Philly, born and raised, there was this kid on the playgroung... where he spent most of his days, he would go there to hang out and relax, maybe shoot some hoops. Then came these dudes who wanted trouble. He got in a fight and his mum sent him to live with his aunt in Bel Air.. we are trying to get him to move back.

    Fresh prince of Bel-Air? (or whatever!)

    Okay, so anyways... let's get back on topic.

    I most of the day today working on my distribution, and have ended up starting all over again, building on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).

    I have gotten it virtually up to where I was before, when I had built it on a 1.2GB version of Ubuntu (Super Ubuntu).

    I have removed a lot of unnecessary packages to free up space (Things like GIMP, documentation & OpenOffice).

    When I wake up tomorrow I will start adding tools suggested to me on this forum, on the other forum & from mailing lists.

    Thanks for all help given so far,


    PS: I have gotten an email complain over use of the name 'HackBuntu' from JMG over at milw0rm, saying that they've been using the name for there own distribution for years!

    So I will need a new name ASAP. Thanks in advance for suggestions!

  8. Sue linux :blink:


    And yes, I have been using OpenSuSE. I learnt linux on OpenSuSE.

    Why would I want to do that?

    So here are some of my suggestions:

    1. Every tool that you include, check it's license as you will be distributing it.
    2. Compatibility is key. If it doesn't work on peoples hardware, they can't get to the awesome tools
    3. Decide if you are doing a LiveCD, a USB, a VM, a installable distro, or all of the above.
    4. Get help. A project this size isn't something that is easily accomplished alone
    5. As for a list of tools used, just look around some of the security forums and see what tools are being asked about their usage. Another place to look is the tools released at security conferences.

    If this is going to just be a learning experience, then may I suggest jumping into Gentoo.

    Good luck.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Ah... about the security forums that you mentioned, I've so far only tried this one and defcon.

    Can you please recommend some/any others?

    Thanks in advance,


  9. So what does it do?

    Sorry for not getting back to you (post was written in July, so I didn't have it in my 'saved tabs' any more).

    It's basically a modded version of two of the other SwitchBlade packages listed on the wiki.

    So I got the best of two SwitchBlade's, took out a lot of the unneeded features of one of them, and took an exe or two from the other one, modded the .cmd and updated all the programs to there latest to accomplish;

    In and out in an average of 8 seconds

    So that's 8 seconds to grab passwords, product keys and a few other bit and pieces.



    PS: Abigawar, I'll redo it (again) as soon as I've finished my custom linux distribution project... also have some assingments due in a couple of days, so I can't work much on my linux distribution until then!!!


    Sorry for any waits, everything will be ready... soon!

  10. 1. If you join XP to a domain you have a username/password login box and not the user selector screen you would see on XP by default.

    2. Cracking passwords would get me fired faster than it took to write this post...

    1. Ah... okay, are you sure you can't change this with Administrative Templates in gpedit.msc?

    2. LOL :lol:.... does that include replacing Start+U with cmd?

  11. This might be a little offtopic, but you say that XP only supports one user logged in at a time? I mean, I know it's nothing like UNIX/Linux capabilities, but isn't there a switch user button next to log out on XP?

    Just a though :mellow:



    Just been thinking about it, probably not what you want, but you could replace the StartKey+U with something that allows you access...

    Or there is a way to do Rainbow Tables over the domain... so maybe that method.

    Though I don't know any of these methods will go against your policies or whatever... but, well, a suggestion is a suggestion!!! :P

  12. Resize that fucking signature.



    Sorry for not doing it straight away, was very tired when I finished it, and went straight to bed as soon as I uploaded it to tinypic!


    Won't happen again!!!

    Big ass fucking signature!!!

    Please A ) make smaller one for forums B ) limit its size in your signature


    Sorry for not doing it straight away, was very tired when I finished it, and went straight to bed as soon as I uploaded it to tinypic!


    Won't happen again!!!

    This may be a good project for starting out with but if i dont think you will get it anywhere close to BT4. If it is _better_ than BT then i will give you some karma, if not then boo. So far you get no karma for that redonkeyless sig

    All I can do is try!

    So I need 3 things from online communities;

    1. Luck (always #1!)

    2. Tool recommendations

    3. Feature recommendations

    So if you so please, I would really appreciate some more suggestions of tools &/or features.

    And/or luck :rolleyes: !!!

    Thanks in advance


  13. he has a good point here, if no one would start developing a new linux distro because there are already hundreds of them then we probably wouldn't have had ubuntu or eeebuntu or ....

    and for more tools :



    -thc amap


    -tor /privoxy


    and since you are going to build it on top of ubuntu, you may want to check here:


    Thanks for agreeing with me!

    And thanks even more for suggesting those tools! Silly me, I don't have ANY of those tools on my distro yet. I will add them, expect them in the beta.

    Thanks once again!

    i guess from my point of view, i'd prefer that he'd just produce the distro and say ..yeah i've been working on this...here it is all done...enjoy.

    Thanks for seeing it my way!

    Downloading a Distro and adding packages != "Lawl" I r making my own distro.

    lrn2linux kthnxbai

    Ah... it won't be just adding packages. It'll be adding dependencies (libraries etc.) as well.


    Okay, to be serious;

    I'll be adding and removing packages, as you said, also, I will be editing the GNOME source code to better suite my needs, and will [probably] edit the kernel as well, also to better suite my needs!

    So... yeah, that would make it my own distro, even if I didn't write the programs.

    I mean, did Muts (one of the main 'makers' of BackTrack) write NMap and Wireshark? Yet he add it to his distro?

    I'm gonna come right out and say it, because I have to wonder.

    USBHacker, do you even know how to use linux? I am being serious here. Some of the questions you ask lead me to beleive you barely even know how to turn a computer on and off let alone run anything under linux.

    As for reinventing the wheel, if you can possibly do any beter than Back Track, Russix or any other pen testing distro, then my hat is off to you, and I bow down at your feet.

    Yes, I know linux. And thanks to my project, am learning much more every week.

    I'll do my best to be the best. But if I end up failing (as metatron thinks I will) at least I will gain valuable linux and 'security type' knowledge in the process.

    Though, if I succeed... well... WOOT! I'll be incredibly happy (for a long time!)


    Well, let the guy customize his live cd, it good practice on linux.

    Besides it doesn't have to be better than something that has been out there for longer time there is always room for improvement no matter what OS/Live cd you are running. It's good to have some goals no matter how "easy" they may be =)

    Just something to keep you motivated and "in-the-game" so to say

    Yeah, I agree with what you say. This will keep me very motivated, and when I'm motivated I've always found myself better able to learn.

    So, could everyone please continue to suggest tools &/or features to add to my distribution?

    Thanks in advance,


    PS: Sorry about the size of my sig, if anyone can shrink it please do, I'm going to sleep! (LOL) :rolleyes:

  14. BACKTRACK < "SecutiyBuntu"

    You are reinventing the wheel.. Why not make a REALLY vulnerable version of linux?

    As LoftRat mentioned, DVL.

    Also, what's the problem with reinventing the wheel? (fuck, is this the most overused cliché on forums or what?)

    I mean, do you like using Linux? Linux is (as you say) a reinvention of the wheel...



    So... yeah!

    Anyways, please continue to suggest programs &/or features to add to my distribution.

    Thanks in advance,


  15. according to this, netstumbler does not work with wine

    nor does cain and abel : http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?...on&iId=6640

    i would include

    -foremost,photorec,autopsy,thesleuthkit for forensics

    -bkhive and samdump




    - and ofcourse scapy so you can make your own sniffers and tools in python

    a list with all the tools in backtrack 2 is here: http://securitydistro.com/distroinfo/4/Bac...2-Tool-List.php

    Thanks for all the tools listed, will add them (those that aren't already installed).

    Um, for a more updated list: http://backtrack.offensive-security.com/index.php/Tools

    But thanks!

    Please continue to recommend tools &/or features to award my distro with.

    who gives a crap about "another" toolz distro....aimed solely at improving one's notoriety.

    Actually, it's aimed solely on... well not just one thing, I'd have to say 2 things (no longer solo!).

    1. Furthering my knowledge of linux, and ubuntu/debian.

    2. Furthering my knowledge of hacking, pentration testing, cracking etc.

    There are other things (of course) that this will help me learn, such as programming. But those two listed above are [probably] the most important.

    Please continue with replies that contain comments &/or suggestions!

    Thanks in advance


  16. Greetings,

    Recently I have been working on a distribution of Linux built on

    Debian... to get more specific, built on Linux -> Debian -> Ubuntu

    8.10 -> Super Ubuntu. Though I will probably build it directly from

    Ubuntu (or Debian) sometime in the future.

    My distribution has been specialised to suite the requirements of your

    everyday (and not so everyday!) pen-tester and white/grey hat hackers.

    My sobriquet for this distribution is: HackBuntu.

    Though sometime in the (near) future, I will probably rename it to:

    Subuntu. (SecurityUbuntu)

    I have posted this on this forum to get some advice.

    Can someone please recommend me some tools to put on it?

    Here is what I have already put into the distribution (excluding

    command line ones);



    Cain & Abel (via WINE)

    NetStumbler (via WINE)

    Maltego CE






    As for the command line ones (of what I can remember off hand)





    Please recommend me some more tools to 'put into' this distribution.

    Thanks in advance,

    Chip D. Panarchy a.k.a: USBHacker

    PS: Apart from adding tools, I also plan on editing the GNOME source code (and probably the Linux kernel) to better suite my needs. I may also include a version that contains Rainbow Tables (LiveDVD)

  17. you need to be a little more specific about what you need. first aircrack is just one application contained in the aircrack-ng suite, aircrack itself dosnt use any wireless cards for anything, now if youre talking about airodump, aireplay, etc thats another story. also your motherboards wireless card IS the RTL8187L chipset, which as of right now wont work with airodump in windows, and if it wont work in airodump then youre not gonna crack anything. youre better off getting a cheap wireless card online, if you want good compatibilty in windows i would suggest some flavor of atheros chipset preferrably 5001-5008. read the compatibility chart that dingleberries posted and buy one of those compatible cards, you can probably get a good one for under 10 bucks.

    you should also take some time and RTFM and actually learn how the aircrack-ng tools work and what each one does. and if youre interested in some other tools and apps for auditing your own wireless network in windows just drop me a pm or see me in irc, (it's in my sig) and i can help you out with some good stuff. in the future you might want to be specific about the OS that youre using too.

    Okay thanks.

    BTW: When I mentioned aircrack before, I was talking about the whole suite, not just the cracking program within the suite.

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