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  1. Hello!

    Is it possibly to remotely (from my computer to theirs) hack someones computer, finding out there passwords?

    Or to put there passwords onto a usb that I put into there USB port?

    I think that both of these things could be possible, just by getting the file that stores the LM (or whatever) Hashes. Then using that online rainbow table thingy (like OPHCrack but online, that stores 60GB of Rainbow Tables or something like that) to crack the Hashes?

    Thanks in advanced,


  2. Yes the  without the equals one is the one that works.

    Now my USBHacksaw is completley in working order!



    Time for a question!

    How do I use the files?

    How do I use it to make it show the user's password?

    I have downloaded the RAR's and it's parts from my gmail account, how do I use them? (I have IZArc so I can open them alright!)

    Thanks in advanced,


  3. Thanks a heap!

    Oh, sorry to bother you, just one last question!

    I changed the send.bat files so it now says

    emailfrom= USBHacker@gmail.com

    Is that the right format, or is there not meant to be a space between = and USBHacker@gmail.com (so then it would be emailfrom=USBHacker@gmail.com)?

    Thanks in advanced, please reply,


    PS: That gmail account isn't mine!

  4. Another question I have for you, is, when is says;

    3. Copy the WIP directory in /payload to the root of the flash drive partition on the U3 SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Drive.

    Does that mean (The letter of my drive is F) that I put the WIP directory in F:SystemWIPSBS or F:WIPSBS or F:DocumentsWIPSBS :?:

    Please reply, thanks in advanced,


  5. System files?

    Hmm... I'm not sure.

    I'll check it.


    That fixed it!


    Anyways, it still doesn't work, I changed the send.bat files so it now says

    emailfrom= USBHacker@gmail.com

    (Is that the right format, or is there not meant to be a space?)

  6. Can someone please help!

    I can't see any files inside the SBS folder. I have tried extracting them again to that folder, and I have gotten all those dialogs coming up, saying overwrite this file? Then I say yes...


    But I still can't see the files!

    Can someone please help me!


    PS: I have my folder options set as show hidden files and folders.

  7. Okay! Well I finally got it to download (the rar file) using DTAoneClick (from DownThemAll extension for Firefox)!


    Anyways, I am now unsure of something in the README.txt file, this;



    *Insert non-hacksaw USB Flash drive into compromised computer

    *Once recognized the sbs.exe process will copy data to the /docs directory where the USB Hacksaw has been installed, then silently run send.bat

    *Send.bat will process the documents in /docs by archiving them to goodies.rar using RAR, establish an SSL connection to smtp.gmail.com using Stunnel, and transmitting them to the email address designated in the emailto variable using Blat. Send.bat will then remove the /docs and goodies*.*

    Does this mean I need two different USB's?

    Please reply ASAP,


  8. Can someone please tell me how I can use USB Hacksaw?

    I have gotten a U3 USB (SanDisk Cruzer) just for this!

    Please tell me how to do this, as I have had some trouble (downloading the rar file etc. )

    Thanks in advanced,


    (Well actually, I want to be a USBHacker!!!)

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